Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monster Trucks Driving Thru Chacala

Don't read unless you are interested in my opinion about speeding monster trucks and other similar topics

I got a "Comment" about yesterday's "Day of the Dead" post.
The author identified him or herself as a resident of the gated development just north of Chacala. The one with the 12 foot cement wall around it, built to keep out the riff raff. Like the local Chacaleno's who formerly lived there.
I believe this Post could be called a "Rant". That's means it's more intense than a "whine". That's what the "Comment" my blog fan wrote about. The author was tired of my "whining" about the giant trucks filled with topsoil, boulders, or gravel, and speeding up and down the paved road 15 hours every from before dawn and into the night.It seems pretty likely to me that some local child, or some family, is going to die from being smashed by one of those speeding, overweight trucks.It's bound to happen. Children and mothers and dogs and workers and even fishermen and school kids and surfers walk up and down that road. All day. Almost everyone who lives or works in Chacala uses that road. It has dangerous curves. Truckload after truckload of workers coming to work in the gated place drive up and down that road every morning and every evening.In my opinion, the situation is a disaster waiting to happen. And I'll probably keep "whining" about it.
It's funny, but I sort of assumed that people understood that reading my opinions about things in Chacala is not compulsory. If you don't like it, don't read it. Simple. But if you want to inform me, or start a dialogue about things in Chacala, that would be great.But calling my concern about a very dangerous situation "whining" seems sort of ignorant to me. Just my opinion, of course.


John W said...

Way to go, Andee! I'm horrified at the amount of development north of Punta Mita, but I could tolerate it if extranjeros would integrate into the local community. The idea of coming here and living behind gates and walls, playing bridge all day and whining about how your maid got preganant--what kind of people are these?

Beth said...

Hi, We've been reading your blog because we're visiting Chacala in March, for the second time. Can I ask where that picture with the truck being pulled by oxen is from? It looks like Thailand. It doesn't look like one of the dangerous speeding truck's from Chacala! Thanks!