Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hanging Around in Chacala

Today I was awake at sunrise and the weather was perfect. Sunny and just a smidge cooler than yesterday. Very nice. The beach was gorgeous, and pretty clean. The water was that lovely green and the waves were just right for riding. Now, mid-afternoon, it's hot, but less humid that the last couple of months. I hope it's a sign the weather is changing a little.I spens some time at Mars Tres, my favorite Chacala restaurant, just about every day. I first started going there to hang out with my friends Carolina and Lonnie, who usually come down from the U.S. a couple times a year.

But now I just go there. I really like Marta and Martine and their family. We eat, talk, visit, play Loteria, make jokes and watch their soap ("novela" is Mexico). Whatever.
When I came by Mars Tres this afternoon, Martine was weaving a new hammock, strung between two palapa (palm roof) posts. One of his other hammocks, which is almost always in use, was hanging right behind him. They are very nice hammocks, but they are hardly ever for sale. He has some hanging up on the covered patio of the Mars Tres rental units. Shady, breezy, and a 100 feet from the water, 50 feet from the sand.We have talked about his hammock making before. Today I asked how he learned to make hammock. I knew his Dad also made hammocks. I think Martine's response was that if he hadn't made his own hammock, he wouldn't have had one to sleep on. Pretty motivating I supppose. I have the impression that not two long ago, beds and mattresses were pretty unusual around here. It was either hammocks or padded mats, kind of like Japanese futons.I like watching Martine's fingers moving in and out, doing the weaving. He seems to be manipulating three threads at once. It seems to be a synthetic thread, a slender twine. It didn't feel like cotton.

After inspecting Martine's work, I went over and sat with Marta and Carmen and her husband. We visited and made jokes about Carolina and Lonnie living in the deep snows of Canada. Or last least I think it's a joke.

Mars Tres had it's voting box for "Princess of Chacala"sitting on a counter. San Rafael Day is coming up, so most of the businesses in town have shoe boxes decorated with the favorite candidate for Princess. You pay 10 pesos a vote. And whoever is monitoring the box is quick to point out your opportunity to vote if they think you didn't notice. Since I usually vote everywhere I go, I end up cancelling out my own votes by voting. For something I don't believe. Just like when I voted in the U.S. I guess.

I hate the "Princess" thing. But what can you do? I try to avoid attending that part of the San Rafael Day events. But last year one of the Princesses asked me to take photos of her in her three different princess outfits. So I did, and I had a good time.
I still have a hard time taking photos at night. I have to study up and practice. The photos I took at the wedding fiesta last night didn't turn out all at. I was really disappointed. I love watching everyone dance and have fun.

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Catracha at heart said...

I came to your blog via clicking on a friend of a friend of a friend - to many clicks to remember from where I even started, LOL. Anyway, I have enjoyed your blog so far - the pictures are beautiful! and I would love to learn to make a hammock too ;) Maybe when I make it to Honduras I will learn - we'll see, LOL.