Monday, October 29, 2007

Portulacas Growing in Chacala

One of my favorite things about gardening in Chacala is that I can grow succulents year-round here.

Some of them go semi-dormant during the rainy season. Like my favorite, (below) Adenium Obesum. But they live thru the rain and start blossoming as soon as it stops. Like Portulaca's. I have always loved Portulacas, ever since the very first time I saw one. In one of the greenhouses at Manito Park, in Spokane WA. I love to able to grow them year around here in Chacala. Or, maybe I should say, I love it that I get to admire Portulacas growing year-around in Chacala. That's because I have almost nothing to do with how well they grow here.Local ladies come by for pieces, cuttings, of the plant. If they see a new color blossom, it's time for a new cutting. I love it. It's so nice to have something to share. And they just stick the pieces in a pot and ignore them. They almost aways take.

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