Thursday, October 11, 2007

Signs of Chacala, in Order of Preference

Sign says "no wheeled vehicles on the beach".
Sign says, "Tourists, put your trash where it belongs".
The kid that made this sign probably
wasn't was thinking of the same physical location
I was thinking of, re where their trash belongs.
Fresh tortillas are easy to come by in Chacala.
Some restaurants sell them hot off the grill.
Trucks deliver them in coolers to the stores, also hot off the grill, every morning.
And young men on motorcycles, with coolers on the back, deliver individual,
freshly cooked, packets (1 kilo or 1/2 a kilo) for breakfast and comida/lunch.

Informative, helpful sign listing products sold here
Still being dependent on gas-powered vehicles,
I suppose I can't complain about gas stations

Real estate developers ( as destroyers of culture and environment)
are pretty low on my list of occupations

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