Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lot/Building and a House for Sale in Chacala

I ran into Noe today. He is a contractor/builder who lives in Chacala. He is selling half his house. It appears to be on a 10X20 meter lot, about 30X60 feet. He asked if I would put a photo of the house on the internet.

There is another building just beyond the left side of the photo. It is connected to this pink place. He wants to live the other half, so he is blocking off the doorway doorway between the two buildings with cement block, and concrete. He is asking $600,000mx (pesos) I think. $54,000US. But sometimes it's hard for me to hear the difference between seis and siete , 6 and 7. So it might be $700,000mx/$63,000US.

There's an unfinished, covered kitchen space behind the pink room, and a covered space for a bedroom and bathroom. No real walls though. And then about 2/3s of the lot is empty. The lot goes from the left edge of the mauve building to the fencepost. If you are interested I can give you the contact info.

Juan, who has the Joker Mini Mart in Chacala, is selling the two bedroom home he built a couple of years ago. It's about 4 houses up the road toward the school. Two baths, kitchen. Laudnry area, sitting area. Open staircase to the roof. I can't remember what he said he was asking. I think $800,000mx (or about $72,000US). Again, let me know if you are interested and I will send you the contact info. The house completely fills the lot. I think it's 20 feet wide.


wayne said...

OMG! What is happening to real estate prices throughout Mexico? I would have thought stuff would have been much cheaper than that there. Do people really pay that kind of money for those properties? I suppose it is "beach front" though. I thought it was just here that property has gotten so expensive. I'm sure glad we bought our two properties when we did. Before the Mexicans really got a good smell of Gringo money and started inflating their prices.

karen ussery said...

And here I was thinking what a deal that is! That's what living in the San Francisco area will do your real estate perspective...