Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Celebrating in Chacala

I have hardly left home since my son arrived here in Chacala. We have been visiting, talking, cooking, and hanging out. Erik has been improving my electrical outlets and doing other projects. And showing me how to do a bunch of stuff on my Mac. And on the internet. And downloading updates, and doing other things on the computer that I don't understand. All is good. We have been out to eat a few times, and to the tienda a couple times of day. And I have done some rental stuff everyday.I have barely participated in the San Rafael events this year. Partly because I don't like walking around at night. That's a new twist that I don't care for. I think it's dangerous. But apparently it´s the only time the Priest can participate every night. All the people walking thru the night with candles looks nice...... but I guess it's just not for me. And this is the first year since I came to Chacala that there have been other gringos participating.

Which makes me think of what has happened to events like Day of the Dead ceremonies Patzcuaro, in Morelia. 10's of thousands of people crowding into a religious event. As observers. I have a hard time with the idea of observers at religious events. I don't actually see that in the future for Chacala, but you never know. Partly because besides the town's Saint's Day being mainly religious, it's also a town reunion day, and celebration of Chacala. The was a disco the other night, with a dance contest. Which Gustavo won, I hear.There's a mini-carnival parked in front of the church this year. I think that's new for San Rafael celebration too. But I have only been here for four San Rafael days. Maybe they used to walk in the dark in the past, and have carnival rides. Who knows? Not me.

Kiko, the latest Tropical Storm passed us but. It's been sunny and beautiful all morning. A perfect day. It's the last full day of my son's visit. I will be lonesome for him after he leaves. I know I was last year.

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