Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another Chacala Wedding

Yesterdayh was the second wedding in Chacala in ten days. This time the groom was the oldest son of the family that owns one of the nicest rental places in Chacala. The actual ceremony was in Las Varas, but the party was at Delphin's.

I forget to listen for the music to start, and got there just before dark. The music had been going for a couple of hours, but it was nice romantic and dancing music, and not very loud. It didn't penetrate my consciousness, I guess. I was having a cleaning and tidy-up day and wasn't really paying attention.

I went down to the fiesta in time to take some photos, but mostly it was too dark. It was a really nice party. Nice music and a nice setting. The palapa at this restaurant is very low, and there were lots of lights, balloons and a light machine. It was a nice slow machine that cast nice colors across the dancers. Not the kind that blinks fast enough to give a person a seizure.

Lots of people were there. The bride and groom weren't there when I arrived. But they arrived later in casual clothes, and looked very sweet and happy. The music was low enough that you could actually talk. I think there were three or four gringos there. Lots of kids running around playing on the beach in the dark.

The family that owns Delphins has the Federal concession for the palm grove in Chacala, where most motor homes park in the winter. They have really worked hard to spiff up the restaurant this the last year or so. The bathrooms are still pretty bad though. The women at the fiesta were walking up to Chico's Restaurant to use their facilities. The place looks nice during the day and during parties too.

Someone at the party was talking about how nice it was for all ages to party together. Little kids, babies, teens, young adults, young couples, old couples, and old singles too. I got four invitations to dance, but I am too inhibited I guess. Always have been. I like it that parents are at the same party as their teenagers, so they can seen what's happening. Or at least see some of what's happening. Kids can experiment with drinking in a pretty safe environment. Better than riding in cars with boys and drinking beer I think. Of course, they may do that too. I don't know.

I noticed the young teens running around with their friends, and then returning to their family's table to hang out for a few minutes and rest. And off they went again, dancing and flirting and whatever. Lots of couples were dancing. And also there were lots of circles of people dancing: women in one circles, teens in another, young girls in another. Very sweet.

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