Friday, October 26, 2007

Dinner at My Place, in Chacala

My new little gas oven and 2 burner stove got a good workout this past week. And today I am going to make brownies from a package my son brought down. The customs guys in PV must not have known what it was, or they probably would have disappeared it.When my son was here we had actual meals every day. Well, at least one meal a day anyway.The main ingredients were the same. Corn tortillas, cheddar and/or mozzarella cheese, cut up tomatoes, and then chicken, beef, onion, or whatever else.Here is my modern method of defrosting a chunk of frozen beef. As soon as it slightly defrosted I cut the meat in fajita strips. It's pretty fun to cook with someone else. I am used to cooking solo, so it's different. And nicer.
Erik sharpened all four knives with a handy knife sharpener he brought down. this isn't knife sharpener, it's Erik's hands modifying an electrical outlet for a 3 wire outlet. The knife sharpener wasn't confiscated at customs or the TIA or whatever it's called. In Seattle they took stuff like sealed, unopened glue. I guess one of the inspectors had a craft project going or something.
Washing to dishes isn't so bad with a view like this. I feel so lucky. They weather is perfect again today. Sunny, breezy, warm but not baking. Very little humidity.
After some confusion and running around to Concha's and Aurora's, I made three reservation this morning. All for right around Christmas. All made before breakfast or a shower.

I did do my glucose test before doing the reservations. I have having some trouble with my blood sugar right now. Thanks to my friend Cleve, a Chacala visitor, I have a new glucose monitor with a bunch of chem (testing) strips. And another one coming. I am really happy. He mailed the strips to Erik and Erik brought them down.

I am so lucky. I love this life. My place is a mess, with all the wonderful gifts from Erik. And with re-arranging everything. But I am tidying everything up today.

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