Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Long-term stays in Chacala

There seems to be more interest in long-term stays in Chacala, which probably is part of the general changes of being a developing town. Developing without a decent water or sewage system. Oh well.

I have a couple of blogs about Chacala, one is general info about Chacala and it's at http://chacalanayarit.blogspot.com,

and the other one, about budget rentals in Chacala can be reached by clicking here.

It is still very hot, mid nineties and very humid. Rain most nights. This house is wonderful, cool and breezy enough to be pretty comfortable. When people step in the front door they are usually startled at how cool it is compared to the outside. Not to say it's really cool, just compared to outside.

Bugs are really annoying still. And the kitchen ants are back. Now twice a day I wipe everything with a mix of clorox and water. Still can't leave ANY food out or any dishes around. All the garbage goes to a bag outside (or into the fridge) immediately, within two minutes of it being created.

A couple of nights ago I had a new creature on the front porch, trying to liberate the garbage bag, which is tied high on the wall. It was a cat-looking totally black, short-haired animal about 15 inches tall with a fat fat tail about 30 inches long. odd looking. We looked at each other through the screen for a minute and he/she ran off. My local neighbors are warning me daily not to walk in the grass or plants. Only on gravel or dirt or cobblestones. Coral snakes are here I guess, and everyone seems to be scared of them, so I am too.

Friday, September 23, 2005

All the news that fits

All the news that fits. Just kidding.

Gone to the border for a couple of days for my visa. Got back early this morning and took a nap and the made a loop around before it got really, really, really hot and humid.

Aurora#2 showed me the plants I had shared with her a few days ago. She had planted them and they looked good. She has a nice garden, but no access to water near her house and no electricity.

One of the crew working on the Canadian's house off the paved road offered me a ride into LV. His car looks like a hood's car from the seventies, very low in the back. etc. But I was only going to the store, so it was easy to say "no thanks". It surprises me how many people know my name.

The hotel work crew foreman showed me around the hotel. I started having fantasies about being the live-in whatever there. With a free room of course. The four units on the top floor will have kitchens, according to one of the workers.

Checked on the renter at Gora's because the family gone to Guadalajara for a couple of days.

Visited with Concha and Juan and passed on some rental deposit money . They gave me delicious slices of salted cukes, and offered me really big plantanas.

The new place across the street from Concha's, where they are digging the hebe (underground water storage, probably spelled wrong), which the boss calls the swimming pool, was two feet deep in rainwater this am. They were hanging around waiting for a pump (bomba) from Las Varas to pump out the water. The boss again invited me in for a swim. Muddy disgusting water.

At Ventura's restaurant I visited with the old guy, Miguel Hector, (who was in the hammock) and Ventura's daughter, son-on-law and baby, David. Then Ventura's husband, the collectivo driver Miguel Angel, showed off his new moto/scooter/mini bike, zipping up and down the street. Miguel's teenaged son just got a small pickup.

My second favorite dog in town, their dog Lukie, was barking like mad the whole time I was there. Lukie likes me to take him to the beach because he is chained up all the time unless I walk him. But he is getting so big and strong I am reluctant to take him for walks anymore. (Chiquita, mistress of Casa Pacifica, is my favorite, if anybody cares).

Went to the tienda for milk, water, clorox and trash bags. Went to the hardware store for a plastic pipe fitting. Turned out I had the wrong measurements and I bought the wrong thing.

Visited with two young mom's with babies, looked for Trini, Beatriz and Laura, who weren't home. Visited the kinder for a few minutes, passing on some school supplies.

Asked some guys on a construction site near Laura's for a small plastic bag of wet cement, which they gave me. The workers were very polite about the cement. I guess it is normal to take a small bag of mixed cement from a project. It was for the water pipe a neighbor is helping me set up to take water from the roof into storage.

When I got home my handyman neighbor was there, but we didn't have the right pieces. My mistake. It's too hot, too humid, too exhausting to work or walk around mid-day. Finally got it all hooked up. Now we wait for rain and see if it works. Of course it mostly rains at night, so I will probably end up poking around in the dark being scared of creepy crawlies. But it's worth it if I can avoid paying $18 to 36 USD for a truckload of water.

The first time I came to Mexico as an adult I went to a very nice resort in Huatulco (south of Oxuaca on the Pacific coast) in September and thought I was going to die from the heat and humidity. But you get used to it, sort of, and stay inside and in the shade whenever possible.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rain Rain Rain

We're having a lot a rain (big surprise), thunderstorms and lightning in Chacala this past month. Especially the past four or five nights. Or evenings. Last night and the day before the phones were out intermittently, and the electricity was off and on. I unplug everything plugable-in-able before I leave the house or go to bed because sometimes the lightning is RIGHT HERE!!!! and LOUD!!! and so bright that if I had my eyes open I might be blinded. Really incredible and beautiful.

If you are moving to Chacala consider bringing quality surge protectors/supressors. and possibly those things has correct/modify the voltage and (?) amperage. But remember that surge surpressors only work if the plug is grounded (has a third wire). Mexican appliances are built so that they can tolerate much larger variations in the quality of the electricity than those made in the States and they are set to run at about 127 volts. Even without electrical storms, the electricity is pretty inconsistent. And quite a few houses get their electricity through a jerry-rigged system of wires from someone else's house.

I just noticed a new wire crossing the paved road near Clemen's house. I realized it was going to her house ( she had been living in the that house with two little kids and no lights or water, etc for a couple of years). I tried to follow the wire back across into the jungle to see where it was coming from, but it was too dense to see. She told me whose house she was hooked up to, but I didn't recognize the name. But it was at least 200 feet away, on a skinny little wire . The house I lived in last winter got it's electricity thru seven pieces of wired crimped together without connectors or tape, and then hooked into the light bulb of a house about 100 feet away. I asked someone to check the voltage at my end because I was worried about my new refrigerator, but it was fine.

I have been putting some effort into helping the owners of some of the lower-end rentals get more guests for their rentals. Some of these are very nice, clean, modern units with owners living on the property, and daily maid service, etc. Others are more basic and probably most appropriate for people that are willing to "rough it" when problems come up with the water, electricity, etc. And willing to live in more basic surroundings without daily maid-service. etc in return for lower, and more negotiable, rents.

When I first came to Chacala I made an effort to figure out which businesses to frequent. My orginal thinking was that I would prefer to give my money to businesses that were owned by people living in Chacala, and those who supported the town regarding things like supporting children's activities, trash pickup, etc. I still haven't figured it out. For one thing, many of the business that I orginally thought were locally-owned are actually owned by people in Las Varas. And then how do you draw the line if the owner lives in LV but their family lives in Chacala?

I know that Chico's and Koko Bongo's and Dona's Lupe's and Don Enriques's are owned and operated by people living in Chacala. And probably others too. And the markets next to Koko Bongo's and in front of Chico's are run by Chacaleans. And Chavala, who cater's wonderful dinners, is a Chacalean. Both of the larger tiendas are owned by the same family and as far as I know they all live in LV or Compostella. The deposito/telephone/ice cream store is locally owned, meaning the owners live in Chacala. I am not sure of the ownership of the Koraney Hardware store, but the people, Pepe and Claudia, who run it, live in Chacala. They're not from here, but live here. And they own property here including a couple of very nice rentals. And you may have noticed Sarai's store, next to Trini's (on the road between the Marina gate and the school). She works at the Bibliotecha in the afternoons, and teaches a GED-type class, and has her store

I guess mostly I go to the places that make me feel welcome. I still pay attention to who own's what, but not as much as I did at first. And, of course, sometimes I don't really understand who the owner is or where they live, or if it even matters.

For these who frequent Las Brisas mainly because they have a liquor license and can serve hard liquor (and have nice bathrooms), you may be interested to know that Chico's is adding a licensed bar next month. And they already have brand new banos. And they have done some other spiffing up too.

I just walked around town during errands. It's the Sunday afternoon of Independence Day weekend and there are lots of buses and tourists in town. Most of the rentals seemed to be rented. I think there may have been almost 200 people at Chico's about 3pm. There definitely weren't enough tables and chairs. The ocean was really muddy looking, cloudy looking and the beach was littered with debris from the storms the last few days. Organic debris like old palms fronds and tree branches. Better than pop bottles and stryofoam. Some of it was neatly raked up in piles. Maybe burning piles, don't know. Walking up the paved road past Aurora's I saw that five big trees had been broken off, all on the right hand, uphill side of the road. One was the big old tree with lots of orchids like plants growningt on the truck. Thankfully not one of the big beautiful trees right at the corner where the paved road turns toward the Chacilila gate is got knocked over. The clouds are starting to build again, so maybe there will be another storm tonight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Changes in Nayarit

I have noticed some changes around the area:

It looks like there is a new Pemex going up right outside of Lo de Marco. And maybe another Pemex south of Guayabitos. Not sure.

They are widening the intersection at the main highway and the road into Sayulita. It's kind a a big mess. And the big drop-off right to the NW of the intersection is still a big drop-off. Twice I have seen cars upside down after going off the road there. Both timesthe wheels were still spinning as we went by.

In Las Varas, at the intersection of the main traffic light, the SE corner has been remodeled. Teseo the dentist has moved to offices about a block away, and his wife now has a totally remodeled office upstairs at the old office It looks quite different from the outside. The other two newly remodeled spaces right at the corner (formerly a dark pharmacia) are now a Kodak store and a Telcel store. A phone store it looks like. The Canadian woman from La Penita, who has been teaching English to the EBACH kids this last summer, has moved her School in Las Varas to another location in Las Varas, kind of around the corner.

The Friday morning Las Varas Tsuangui (sp ??), the street market, seems to be getting bigger and bigger. It's a few blocks to the west of the main traffic light. So is the market in La Penita. During the non-tourist season (April-November) the tourist-focused vendors (artisty and souvenir stuff) go somewhere else I guess, but there are still lots and lots of vendors selling all kinds of stuff.

The Guadalajara paper announced continuing findings that the ocean water at the beaches in Banderas Bay (the Vallarta area) still does not meet ANY international standards for clean water. The pollution levels are at some times of the year and in some areas hundreds of times the limits for human safety. Apparently Mexico has created it's own standards for beach water safety that are meaningless, but allow the tourisst areas to announce the beach swimming water is safe. According to the article the water north of Brucerias continues to be safe. There have been numerious articles in the papers about the totally inadequate sewage system in PV and Brucerias. I don't know about other areas. I think most of the little beach towns only have brick septic tanks for each restaurant, house etc. Problems waiting to happen.

Tomorrow and Friday are Independence Day in Mexico, which is a big big deal. I am expecting music and fireworks and lots of families camping on the beach, etc. The weather is still hot and muggy but there hasn't been any rain for about six nights. I hope this is not the end of the rainy season.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Moving to Mexico, in detail

I just noticed a good website about moving to Mexico including info about FMTs, FM3, bringing cars and stuff into Mexico, etc etc etc. I am going up to the border next week for my 180 day tourist visa. It looks like flying with be the same price as 26 hours each way on the bus. American west has some very very good prices right now.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Projects I forgot about around town

I forgot to mention that Aurora and Beto's new kitchen has been walled in. The floor is next. I think. Looks nice and big. I think there will be a teraza too. In the front, sort of.

Francisco, son of Chico of restaurant fame, and brother of Aurora, is working on a shop (I think it's motor/engine repair shop). They are putting stairs into it for a second floor ( I guess) right now. It's directly across from the gate into the schoolyard. This Chico also has the little market out on the road in front of Chico's parking lot and a little liquor store right across Chico's driveway.

There are some very hard working Chacaleno's. (sp?). Lots of them. Chico's closed for Christmas Eve this year (only day off) and had a huge party for friends and family.
The Joker is open 7am to 9 or 10pm seven days a week. Juan and his mom cover those hours.
Miguel Angel/Prieto, the collectivo driver, works seven days a week, 6:30am to about 6:30 or 7:00pm. Last year he had four days off and one sick day.

I walked up onto the restaurant/swimming pool level of the new hotel today. No workers around. There is definitely a largish pool with a deep and a swallow end, and a big deck. The view of the bay is very very nice. I'm sort of dreading it opening, but it really looks nice. I think there is going to be a parking problem unless they figured out a way to have a rear entrance somehow. The driveway to the right of the property that they were using for construction has been disappeared. As have two of the nicer trees in the area. Maybe they were a problem for the view. Who knows.

The new house that's further up the hill on the same side of the paved road and back one lot is really going up quickly. I like how it looks. Nice windows with rounded tops and at least one teraza. Chama is building it and using alot of workers. He is finished with the Casa Tortuga remodel except for the painting, which someone else is doing I think.

The big new house in the gully side of the paved road and kind of across from the hotel is also going up fast. People are saying it will have a pool, and I think it's true. It looks very interesting and architectural, sort of. I am going to walk around down there on Sunday. Just to look. No swimming there yet.

The water is running in Chacala, and it's very murky looking. Light brown. But there is water. I can't wait to see how all the swimming pools get filled. They could advertise them as mud baths if they used town water. I understand that's not going to happen though.

The remodel of the house three lots down from Casa Chacala is coming along. It seems to be a second story with patios. I think.

The storage area behind Juan's (the Joker) tienda is being converted into a a video rental store. They tried to have one in the empty spot next to the store on the beach road side but I guess that didn't work out. Lalo's new fish store is coming along quickly. It's right uphill from the Gloria's Posada/Hotel. Lalo's father father died a few days ago and there has been a firework shoot everyday at four, I think that' so everyone will know it's time to come sit with the family.

I like it that they is a real tradition about handling deaths and the aftermath in this town, and I suppose, in all of Mexico. And that people seem to follow it. I know that when I die it is very unlikely that fifty or sixty people will come sit somewhere to honor me, or in this case I think, the family. And certainly not for nine days in a row, and then again for some more rites a year later. And the Mass.

Maria Polila (I know that's not right, but the very little, older, lady that lives next to Laura Sura) came up to me today when I was walking by and asked for a donation for the decorations she makes every year for St. Rafael's day ( I guess he is Chacala's saint and I know it's a big big fiesta day). She also makes decorations for the Day of the Dead and for Independence Day (for cash). They are very nice. Maria came up to the house the other day looking for plant cuttings.

Trini and Clemen dropped by this morning. EBACH is having a (fund raising) fiesta at the Tres Hermano's restaurant Wednesday night. Free, with donated food, and free admission. The fund raising part will be games like bingo or lotteries or something like that. I think I have that right. I am trying to stick to Spanish even when I'm around Trini, so I miss some things. There will be music and dancing. So come on down!!! Clemen seems to be working hard at her new job with EBACH. She had Julio Caesar with her today. He is growing so fast. I have been living for here 21 months now, so I remember him being about five months old. Today he was playing (with) the dominoes at my house. Very well behaved and fun to be around.

It just occured to me that I haven't noticed any obviously pregnant women around here for quite a while. Except for Pepe's (of the hardware store) wife Claudia, who looks beautiful.
I think there were nine babies born here the first year or so I was here. All but one boys. Oh,l i just remembered Jorge (of the deposito) and his wife just had their third child, Sebastian I think. He is already sleeping in a swinging cradle in the back of the store while his mom is working. I remember his little sister, now walking, when she was just born and sleeping in the swinging bed.

Can't think of anything else. Oh, it's very very hot and humid right now. The bugs are really annoying. The last couple of days have been the most uncomfortable days of the year, at least for me.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Nice hot muggy day with thundeer and lightning

Still hot, humid, and thunderstormy. Some nice breezes started up in the late afternoon. The mosquitos are pretty bad, especially in the evening, but also in the day. It was too mosquito-y at noon to read in the hammock. And the no-see-um's are annoying at night. I read out in the main room and leave the lights off in the bedroom. And keep the bedroom light off except for a quick alachrone check before I hop into bed.

I read an article in the Guadalajara paper about dengue fever and malaria which I found kind of frightening. I'll stay away from that kind of reading for awhile. I have been using repellant if I go outside after about 5pm. Until I came to Mexico I never ever even considered using repellant and poison bug sprays and the like, and now I am big fan. Well, not a fan, but I am using them.

It is getting dark completely now by 7:15pm and light in the morning a few minutes before 7am.

Patti, who does massages and lives in the orange house across from Concha's and has the hot dog stand in from of Juan's tienda, is teaching aerobics classes. She learned massage and aerobics when she was working at a Spa somewhere. She is using the empty tienda kitty-corner to the NW from the school yard. It's very popular with the women in town. I think the classes are late in the afternoon, five days a week. I don't know anything about aerobics but it looks like fun, and the women seem to being learning how to do it. It looks like very hard work. especially when its 90 degrees and 90% humidity. (I am kidding about the humidity, I think). Good way to lose weight. Sweat it off.

Went by the Bibliotecha looking for some packages that are heading my way from the States. The post office (correo) guy in Las Varas said one had already came down to Chacala, so it's probably floating around town somewhere. All the computers upstairs at the Bibliotecha were being used (I think seven) and there were six kids downstairs with Sarai and someone else, doing different things. Trini, Gora, Concha, and Viki were having a meeting. And the young adult men and some younger boys were starting to play volleyball, which they do most night. Seemed busy and productive.

All the construction projects (I think about 16 or so ) around town seems to be moving along. With a couple of exceptions. The big place next to the Marina gate, Laura's Techo, and Concha's son's rentals all appear to be at a stand still at the moment. I have heard that both the Mar de Jade and Majahua spas are open/finished. Gora and I were going to go up and look yesterday but she had to work. Maybe tomorrow.

The work on the apartment over the hardware store (Koraney) is at a standstill. Pepe said, "waiting for more money". The space right to the north of the hardware store is getting bulldozed flat and a chain link fence is being installed. Pepe said it's a storage yard, and maybe a bodega. They are still using the bodega over near where the store used to be. And the old store is now Casa Jose Maria. A nice looking place that Susana doing rentals for.

The construction going on across the street from the hardware store is moving right along. I am not sure what it is yet. Still working on the foundation.

The place half-way down the beach road and way from the beach is also being worked on daily. Thee workers told me today what I thought was three little rentals is a new restaurant. I knew I had it wrong when I saw that what I thought were doorways were filled in waist high with nice decorative cement and stone designs. Kind of like on the upstairs of Posada Sarai.

I am going downtown in a bit and am going to look and see how the Telesecundaria looks. If the kids are moved in. The Kinder is looking great.

Maybe other people knew, but I didn't know until today, that the ex-Govenor's place is going up for sale soon. The big huge white place above the muelle (fishing boat harbor).

The construction on the new hotel on the paved road is is really moving quickly right now. It's been more than a year since they started. All the work has been done by hand except the initial and final grading. And a little of the cement mixing was done by little motor-driven cement mixers instead of men with hoes. Tiles are up on the roofs of the hotel and the restaurant in front. Staircases completed, balcony railings up. etc etc. I haven't walked up the new center stairs (between the two garages) to see if there really is a swimming pool. Maybe tomorrow.

That's it.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

September 1, 2005 Church Roof Leaking (or not)

I was just told there was a town meeting today. I don't know how "town" is defined for this particular meeting. But Chacala people for sure.

It sounded as thought originally the meeting agenda was the almost non-existent water system, but I was told the official from Compostella (the "municipal" or county seat) either didn't show or hadn't done whatever he was supposed to do (this is second or third hand info). So I guess the meeting turned into a discussion about the church roof leaking.

It sounds like they (I don't know who "they" is) are going to look into the situation, and possibly look for donations, in case you might be interested. I'll keep posting as the situation progresses. I hate to think of that beautiful arched brick ceiling falling in or something.

Wandering around town

There was only a little rain last night, so I thought the road might have dried out a little by 10am or so. I wanted to do a couple of errands: drop some stuff off at the Kinder while the teacher, Julietta , is still there, leave a plant with the non-Techo Aurora, go to the tienda for TP and tomatoes and some fruit, visit with Aurora and with Concha, both of whom have been sick lately, and look at some of the current building projects.

It turned out the dirt road from the Marina gate to Trini's was a total swamp, slippy, muddy, and with lots of standing water. Had to tiptoe and watch every step. Better than last year though, when the road was a lake from Trini's to the gate. They used the dirt from the huge excavation for the new hotel up on the paved road to raise the level of the dirt road. It's not great, but it's better that last year.

On the way to the Kinder I ran into lots of people. And it took quite a lot of time to get over there. Also, I checked out Surfer Paul's new rentals/home across from Dona's Lupe (the Cundo's mom Dona Lupe who works at Casa Tortuga). Anyway, they are moving right along with the building, even with the torrential downpours several nights a week. Chuy's (don't know how that name is spelled) crew is building it and the big place up across the paved road from Gordons' and near the Marina gate. Work has stopped for a few weeks on that place. Don't know what's going on with that. The family, Angela is the mom, that used to live in Ventura's house kind of near Casa Azul is now living in Marta's old house. They have built a very large palapa roof in front of the house. Small house, lots of kids, makes sense.

Work continues on the rental units across from Casa Azul. It's starting to look nicer. I think a couple of the units are completed. The newly built (last winter) road that goes down in front of Casa Tortuga seems to be surviving the rains. At least from a distance it okays okay. I didn't look over the edge at the bottom to see what the runoff has done .

Stopped at the Kinder with some stuff. The work project there has really taken off. A septic has been dug and the bottom layer of cement installed. All the weeds have been cleared and it looked great. The kids were having recess, climbing all over the Big Play Toy and having a great time. It looks good, a great toy. It is locked up except for the three hours of school. It would be easy to sneak in but I don't think that is happening. At least I haven't noticed any kids in there during non-school hours. Some of the mothers were there. I think they talking about the work project when I arrived. The little siblings (Julio, Toni, Mariana) were at the Kinder with their moms and they were having a great time.

The cobble roads around town are mostly stripped completely free of dirt by the rain, so it's really hard to walk on them. Like balancing on rocks. The new construction kind of across from Koranay (on the lot with the dark grey house with palapa style window shades), is coming along. Still doing foundation work. It looks like two small units but it's hard to tell.

Lalo's new fish factory/shop is coming along. Very quickly. It's got a floor, roof and they are working on counter type work areas. Its around the corner from old place, uphill from the hotel above Juan's store, and I think it's in his mom's front yard. Noe, Viki's espouso, is doing the work, with a helper, Javier.

The place down on the beach road across from the restaurants is coming along but I think construction is stopped for now. The beach area looks pretty nice, mostly because grass has grown up in a lot of places , including the palm grove, and it looks clean and fresh (because the grass covers up the remaining trash). Chilango's worker, I can't remember his name, but he's very tan and very tall and wears an ID around his neck, was laid off about three months or so ago. I saw him back over there yesterday. I hope he really does have a job again. He was asking me for work and if I knew of any work, but I couldn't help him with that. Can't remember if I mentioned that Chico's new toilets are in use and looking great.

The nice looking place across from Concha's techo is almost done and it looks very nice. Juan (who keeps an eye on Ana's place) told me he has the job of painting it. They were putting in nice wood window and doors. The builder (and maybe owner?) told me it has three rental units, an office, and a tienda space facing the street. And that he plans to put a pool in. Oh no!!! No more pools! Someone told me that the tienda-looking space will be a real estate outpost office for a Sayulita realtor, Roderigo, who lives in the Marina, but I have no idea if its true.

There are four construction projects along the paved road right now. The first place is on the left, coming into town, which is being remodeled, as a two unit rental I think. Adding a second story. The left side unit of Concha's family's new rentals on the paved road across from Aurora's is plastered and the floor is in. It looks great.

The new place on the left about half up the road toward the Marina and slightly downhill from the road, looks really nice. The foundation does anyway. It's downhill from the paved road in the runoff area. The gossip is it will have another swimming pool and that the builder or owner is a rich family member of a local person. Who knows? Not me.

The Canadian house off the uphill side of the paved road is going up quickly. They did a lot of earth and rock moving and the foundation and first floor walls are going up quickly.

I think that's it for house construction. Aurora and Beto, with help from Beto's nephew Eduardo, are building a really nice cobblestone path up from the kitchen area. It looks great, kind of Y-shaped, dividing to go up to the downstairs techos units and their house.

The weather cooled off slightly, high 80's for a couple days, after a huge rainstorm. A couple of nights ago there were three sessions of maybe two hours each of torrential downpours. When it is raining I think the bugs all come inside if your lights are on. Either to dry off by the nice warm lights or to visit, don't know which. A couple of nights ago the non-see-ums and flying beetle things and god knows what else were everywhere. Everywhere inside the house. A lot of them must of gotten depressed from the rain and suicided because there were alot of bug bodies to sweep uup the next morning.

Last night after I went to bed I heard something on the front porch and went into the front room and turned on the outside light. There was a really cute little raccoon-looking animal stnading at the window screen looking in at me. Actually I think it was a she. He was going after the trash bag I had forgotten to take down to the road for the basura truck.

A couple of nights ago I noticed the sun is setting almost over the little point between Chacailia and the big beach. (Meaning the sunsets apppear to be much further to the south than maybe a month ago). (I am talking about where the sun sets when you are sitting on Gordon's veranda.) Sometime in the late Fall the sun goes down way over at the south end of the beach (looking from Las Brisas), and then until midsummer or so it gradually sets further and further to the north (out on the ocean) until its sets near the north end of the litttle Chacalila Bay. (From the point of view from Gordon's veranda ). I know from gardening that the sun rises and sets from difference places over the year, but it is so obvious here, setting over the ocean. Tonight was a spectacular sunset. So red and bright it lit up the inside of this house.

That's all for now.