Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Black in Mexico, and Chacala

I am hoping a woman who emailed me about six weeks ago is reading this post. She was asking about my impression of what it was like to be Black in Mexico. As a tourist or otherwise. I seem to have misplaced her email. I hope she will write me again.
Tomorrow is Chico's birthday.
Big all day fiesta at the restaurant.
And I hope she is still reading this blog, because I found a very interesting website called Black in Mexico, (www.afromexico.com) that I want to share with her. Of course, she may have already found it.In honor of my son's visit in a few days.
This is a test to see if he reads this. Because he will not be happy to see this photo.
Today's Mexico-in-English (http://mexico-in-english.blogspot.com) had a review of the site. I love Mexico-in-English. Partly because the author reviewed this blog. But also because she reviews very interesting blogs.

I can suggest another couple blogs I really like. One is by a guy living in Mexico. Outskirts of Cancun, I think. On an island. (http://www.bnwisla.blogspot.com). Great writer, interesting life and perspective on things. I really enjoy reading it. He has another travel blog www.exploremexicowithme.blogspot.com

And another new blog for me today. Expat Blogs. (www.expat-blogs.com) It has links to about 140 expat blogs.And then my favorite since my first months of blogging is La Gringa's Blogicito. (http://lagringasblogicito.blogspot.com). It's about La Gringa's adventures in Honduras.
I knew nothing about Honduras when I started reading her blog.But now I know it's among the top 30 countries in the world on my "think-twice before visiting " list. But La Gringa makes me want to know more about Honduras. And I like all her "gadgets", little extras. Weather, etc.


wayne said...

Thanks for the review! Appreciate the nice things you had to say about me. The blog link to my travel site is wrong though. It should be www.exploremexicowithme.blogspot.com

Thanks again!

La Gringa said...

One of the "armpits of the earth" -- eeeewww! Does it really sound that bad?

But thanks for the kind words and I'm glad that you still keep coming back regardless.

P.S. I'm still having a terrible time loading your blog on my old computer. It is a little better when I read from Google Reader, but still slow. I guess it is because of the quantity of gorgeous photos. Your photos are really wonderful.