Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chacala Water Pump & Control Panel Stolen

Guess what? The water pump thieves stole the Chacala's new water pump. Again. And all the fittings. Again. No water since Saturday. Maybe the pump will be replaced on Thursday.

(P.S. It's now Thursday, and the latest news is that this time the thieves stole the control panel and they are having trouble getting parts. Maybe town water tomorrow.
For people coming to Chacala rentals all have extra water storage and it's very unlikely that they would run out of water, even in weeks of no town water.It's us folks with tiny tinacos (plastic water storage things) that are in trouble. )
I was at Chico's for is his birthday early this evening. Lupita, the wife of the Water Master said they hoped the water would be running tomorrow.This man is trying to catch some kind of seafood by going under the water,
with a spear ,I think
It's funny, just at I was thinking, "only in Mexico" I read in the Seattle Times that thieves stole miles of copper wire from poles along side Interstate 90, right in front of thousands of people driving by. In the daylight. Some of the wires they removed turned off the overhead illuminated directional signs. But apparently it took awhile for the repair workers to figure out the wires were gone. I guess they at it for two days, and were long gone before the power guys figured it out.So it happens everywhere. I haven't been right up to the pump station, so I have no idea if there is any security. And of course, it's very probable that it's some kind of "inside" job. Oh well.I am almost out of water. The landlady's son continues to take extended showers, as do his friends who are staying downstairs. Yesterday I filled my six buckets with water, by taking the shower head off. So, at least this time I will have enough water for toilet flushing and rinsing off. Even when the tinaco runs dry. The next shower will probably empty the tinaco. So I think I will go take it now, before the son takes his second shower of the day. He doesn't live here, he just drops by to shower and change clothes.

I went up to the Kinder this morning, to see the new Kinder group. There are six kids, three girls and three boys. They are so precious. They had a few days of class last week, so this is the first real week of school for them.Although one of the boys was in Kinder last year, the rest are just starting their school career. It's a one, two, or three year program. Depending how many kids are around each year, they will take 3 and 4 years old in addition to five year olds.

It's very hot, and a little less humid, today. Everyone is complaining that this heat is going on too long. My plan is that it will be cooler next Monday, when my son arrives. He lives in a cool, damp rainy climate. And we always joke that he brings that climate with him to Chacala. I really hope he does this year.

Walked on the beach last night, but didn't feel like going in the water. It looked kind of grim for some reason. Of course, it was almost dark by then. Instead I walked with Trini, her mom and her young cousin. A nice walk with nice people.Today I am borrowing a single bed from a friend. It's in pieces, and is missing a few boards, but I think it will work out okay. I already have an extra single foam mattress from my beach camp days. It looks as thought I will have a ride to the airport, to pick up my son. Rather than taking the bus. That sounds like a nice change. We will take the bus back to Chacala though.

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wayne said...

I wonder if they are stealing the pump for parts or for the pump. What a strange thing to steal. This thing of stealing wires and stuff is a worldwide epidemic. In Mpls, people still copper and lead out of buildings to resell. I just read yesterday where a guy in Germany was stealing copper wire out of building. He cut into a live wire by accident. They could only identify him because one of his hands was amputated by the shock. Crime doesn't pay!