Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fauna of Chacala

Gracie, my little grey cat, is the best hunter in Chacala. At least a frog or baby iguana or a gecko arrives on the patio every morning. It's absolutely disgusting. But she's so proud, I can't get mad at here.

Gracie is about to be de-bugged. My son brought some de-flea stuff down. With directions in English, which I really appreciate. I am still nervous about following medical instructions in Spanish, as translated by me. Gracie had been banned from coming inside for weeks, and is not happy about this state of affairs. So in few days, all should be well. I would never have imagined myself as someone who would put poison on a cat, but things change, I guess.

The little girl who lives down the street is now very mobile. She had definitely mastered walking. She's very adventurous, and her kitten tries to keep out of her way. Not always successfully.This cute little part-Siamese kitten (God knows where the Siamese part came from) is a real hunter. Always prowling, and usually being hunted by her little owner.
Pets are big around Chacala.

The current collectivo driver has solved the problem of the loneliness of the short-distance van driver. He just brings his favorite Parito to work. He is perched on the drivers shoulder for 12-14 hours a day.A kind of nasty little guy. Always watching for something to peck. But he's willing to step onto your finger, if you will tolerate the ritual finger peck first. The bird is amazing. We are driving along at 40 or 50mph. The bird is perched on the driver's shoulders, on the window side. He watches the scenery and the traffic. And never gets blown away.

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wayne said...

Interesting kitten. My cat, Simon, is part siamese also. There is a rash of them around right now. No idea where it comes from. And only in the colonias. All of the feral cats that live downtown are black and white spotted. Go figure.