Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Friendly Faces Around Chacala

Quite a few people in Chacala seem to be okay with me taking their pictsure. About once a month I print out about 30 shots of people. Photos of people that I think zzthe person might like. I am learning lot about what kind of photos people like of themselves. One thing is for sure, very few older women know how beautiful they are. Of course, almost all men think they are the most handsome things on earth.


Anonymous said...

ahh-the beach looks so inviting! can't wait to get there.

great shots of the folks. who is the older gent?

happy halloween!


Jennifer said...

I love all the pictures of the people. That is one of my favorite things to do is to take pictures of people, and how right you are, LOL. The women don't have a clue how beautiful they are, and most of the men think they are the best thing on earth, LOL.