Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bugs in Chacala

Yesterday I wrote about some scorpions who visited me yesterday, and died for their trouble.
I want to clarify some details re scorpions. Or at least my understanding of scorpions.

Most important It is very very very rare to see a scorpion in Chacala in November, December, January February March April May or early June.

They are most likely to enter homes or rooms during the rainy season. Late June thru mid-October. Because they want to be dry.

Scorpions like to be in warm, dry and dark areas.
They are nocturnal, but will be active is something disturbs them during the day.

Last year in the State of Nayarit 65,ooo people reported scorpions bites. That means they went somewhere for medical treatment. Mostly people don't seek medical treatment, so the number of people each year must be astronomical. And only six deaths were reported. Four infants and two elderly people. In case you wondered, "Elderly" is defined as anyone older that you are.

My experience is that if you see a scorpion before you touch it you will recognize the shape of the tail from some deep hidden place in your brain, and instinctively move away.

The general strategy for dealing with scorpions is to always look before you put your hand, feet, or butt or head any place. Particularly into piles of clothing, a stack of laundry, some sweater than has been lying around for awhile, or bedding (warm, dark, and dry). Shake out your shoes and clothing. Inspect your towel before using it.

Aside from the new house I lived in four summers ago, I don't see many scorpions in a year. One last year. And it's been a year since I saw any until yesterday.

It's unlikely you be bitten, but it's always good to check you bed sheets, etc.

The bites are painful. If you get bitten and have trouble breathing, you could be in trouble and you need to get medical care right away. Probably anyone in Chacala would help you get care under that circumstance. Benadryl is the first line of treatment, and they don't sell it in Mexico, so bringing some is a good idea.

There is a "first-provider" of medical care in Chacala, named Chapina, She lives between Trini's and the playground. She has the epi-pens for emergency care, provided by the state. You can also buy them at pharmacies. People who are allergic to bees and wasps are enjoyed to carry an epi-pen with them. Apparently the bite are somewhat related.

Scorpions are called Alacrones in Mexico. They are endemic in Mexico, so going somewhere else in Mexico won't help you avoid them.

Most important It is very very very rare to see a scorpion in Chacala in November, December, January February March April May or early June.

If you have other information please write and share it with me. Thank good I am not an expert on Scorpion bites.


wally said...

some one told me if you put a water cheest nut in each corner of your it will keep spiders away, i wonder if it would work for scorpions

Charmaine said...

Thank you Andee for your scorpion lesson! It is a relief to know that they are not around in the winter months but I will still take the precautions you have mentioned. You must be so happy to have an oven! Enjoy the brownies!