Friday, October 26, 2007

High Season in Chacala

Well, it looks like the "High Season" (mid-December thru mid-March) is creeping up on Chacala, and me. For rental owners the "high season" means lots of renters and some income.
And lots of work.

For me, it means lots of gringo visitors. Many of whom are really fun to be around. Interesting people to talk with, and share ideas with. Nice people who love being in Mexico, and in Chacala.

And it also means the return of people I have a hard time being around. I know, my boring petty gripes about things I don't like. As if my opinion counts. Actually, now that I think about it, those people are already down here. So, what's my problem?

But aside from that, I am looking forward to winter in Chacala.

It's not (very) humid in the winter.
It's usually in the low-to-mid 80's during the day. Or slightly higher.
You can sleep with a nice cozy blanket at least part of the night.
There aren't nearly as many flying insects at night.
The ocean water is not so bathtub warm, the plants are bursting into bloom, the dolphins and whales will be returning.
There's a nice energy in the air.
And it means Guadalupe Day is coming.
And new books-in-English start floating around town.
And it's fun to talk in English with people with whom I share interests and concerns.
There might be phosphorescence (spelling?) in the ocean waves one night.
People I like being around with be returning, some for long stays.
And it's fun to meet people I have helped find places to stay.

So, the "High Season" is a mixed blessing for me. But mostly I am looking forward to it.

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