Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Entrepreneur's of Chacala

Most Chacala residents have a number of income-producing projects going on. Some have a part or full-time job working for someone else in their home or business. Or selling fruit juices to tourists on the weekend. Or doing a little property management. Or gardening for people in the development. Or babysitting, or a little construction. A little fishing, a little mechancing, or welding. Or whatever. Or a little waitressing. Or.......Augustine keeps pretty busy. He and his wife, Ana, have two nice large rentals above their home. And Augustine cleans and filetes fish for Chico's Restaurant every morning.And weaves custom-ordered, very fine, fish nets the rest of the day

And this plastic vendor is technically not from Chacala. He's from Las Varas, but he drives to Chacala about three times a week to peddle his wares.

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