Saturday, October 20, 2007

Waiting for Kiko, in Chacala

Chacala weather seems to be moving away from hot/humid, to slightly less hot/slightly less humid weather. With an overlay of the threat of Tropical Storm Kiko, which is heading north, but hopefully a little to west of us. Possibly toward Baja.Of course, you never know with tropical storms. You can tell there's a storm somewhere out there because the surf is heavier, and the waves are rolling in much closer together. I don't think I would have noticed that storm-sign if an old (almost as old as me) surfer told me about signs of storms out at sea.It's Saturday in Chacala, so there were bands playing most of the afternoon. One band had the worst horn player (or maybe it was the horn) I have ever heard. Not many tourists from nearby cities around today. Not many visitors when the weather is like this.It's been overcast all day, except for a few hours in the afternoon. Kind of dreary, but with a good breeze. We didn't bring the fan out on the patio today. Didn't need to.

My son, Erik, finished grounding two outlets this afternoon. I like knowing that if I don't get a chance to unplug the fridge and electronic stuff before a lightning storm, the surge suppressors might actually work. Or when the power surges on it's own. I am going to start loooking for a UPS unit to protect by electronic stuff. Now that I have a grounded outlet, it will actually work.
We are almost done with the projects we had on our list. The last bigger project was to run the new, outdoor, phone line Erik brought down. But I can do it myself in a few days. I just need a phone line crimper tool.
I hope we just relax all day tomorrow. It's been fun to just hang around reading and talking and eating. The work is fun too, but.... He leaves on Tuesday. I will really miss his company.d

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