Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Greedy US Banks, not in Chacala

New from Lonely Planet/Thorntree/Mexico Message Board:

Just saw this today on my statement, looks like it will affect those with Citi accounts that pull funds out of Banamex:


Effective January 26th, 2008 we will impose a fee equal to 2% of the transaction amount
(including credits or reversals) on all ATM and/or POS Debit Card transactions
(U.S.or foreign currency) that you conduct outside the 50 United States or Puerto Rico.
This fee will apply to transactions made at Citibank and Non-Citibank ATMs.

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Anonymous said...

hi andee,

unfortunately, we found out that out the hard way while i was in chacala, that our bank does something similar. they charge $2.00 for using another bank and another fee called a foreign exchange fee. we are changing banks before we go back.

i am looking forward to seeing your dia de los muerts photos.