Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Resolution and a Thank You

First, some nice people who were staying at Casa Chacala over Christmas left me two really really good Canadian mystery books by a woman writer. And some wonderful tea. I didn't get a chance to thank them in person, so I am writing my thank you here, opening they read this post. I wish we had had more time to visit.

Okay, on to today. This is New Year's Eve. I have some invitations for celebrations tonight. An early dinner, and then a pozole at Esparanza's, and a late night event at my first landlady's family's restaurant. I will probably take a nap and go to the late night event. I love the food there. And there's usually a band and dancing and kids running around doing pinata's and fireworks. My kind of party. Maybe I will even dance for the first time in my life. I feel like such a grinch when I don't want to dance.

I printed my first batch of photos in Las Varas today. For the past 5 months, since I got the camera, I have just been posting them on my various blogs, and storing them here and there.

But yesterday some wonderful people, Dave and Marci, showed me how to set up photos on a CD so I can print them in Las Varas on a yellow Kodak console. Actually, they are printed in a little room behind the counter.

The owner couldn't believe how ignorant I was, but he walked me thru the proces, step by step, and I printed 40 photos. It cost more than I expected: 120 pesos. About $10.80US. Not too bad actually. Only five were sort of out-of-focus looking.
I had printed out photos of the people who had asked me if they could have a print over the past few months.

Today I walked around town handing them out. Usually two or three to a family. It was very satisfying. Juanita, who has the middle store in Chacala, started crying when I gave her the two photos. They are my favorite photos, of her two darling little granddaughters. Some of the photos were pretty good, and a few weren't. So I ditched them. I can see all the money I am trying to put aside for travelling going down the drain at the Kodak shop, so I will have to restrain myself. Which is hard for me to do. I love seeing the photos on paper. Very satisfying.

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