Friday, December 01, 2006

Nice Moments for Me, Here in Chacala

I am cooking lunch and writing this and admiring the view, all at the same time. I am so happy with this life. The weather is wonderful, the water in perfect, and the sun is shining. Here’s some examples of some things that make me happy in my life in Chacala.

Last night I was carrying home a 24 bottle case of apple juice home from the store. Juan, the owner, orders a case for me every month or so, and I get something off for buying the whole case at once.I was hoping someone would drive by and give the box a ride, but no one came by. I was really pooped out by the time I got to my neighbor’s Aurora’s house, and I left the carton there. And said I could come back in a while for the box. Ten minutes later Aurora arrived with my box. So we sit around talking and drinking juice and eat cacahuates (peanuts).
This morning I was tidying up, and found a little bag of three little digital clocks that look like airplanes. There are on colored ropes and you hang them around your neck. I was thinking of Oswaldo, Alixis and Caesar when I got them. 5 pesos each. Just then the boys came running by. They were playing leaping over the runoff of the road. I yelled and tossed the little bag down to them. They keep running home with the bag. They were talking milk home from the store, for breakfast. A few minutes later they came running up the stairs here with three little bouquets of flowers. Handpicked by each of them, ages 4,6,7. So precious and sweet, with their little watches hanging around their necks.

The sailing boats are starting to come in, and an occasional, extremely ugly power boat. Haven’t actually met any of the sailors this year, but I have some friends sailing down later in the season. I love waking up in the time watch the sailboats leave Chacala. Usually they leave under power and then put up their sails while they are still in view. Very beautiful.

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