Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ist Posada Night in Chacala

Tonight was the first night of the children’s Posada in Chacala. For each of the next nine nights the kids go from the Church to a different home at about dusk, reinacting Jose y Maria's search for a place to spend the night. Someone just explained to me why Pepe is the nickname for Jose/Joseph. It stands for "Putative Padre" as inn P.P. (of Jesus). Interesting factoid.
Anyway, Trini and Clemen led the group of about 35 kids to Claudia and Pepe’s home.
Some of the children went inside, and pretended to say “no” to the Holy Family when the children outside repeatedly sang to them, asking to be let in for the night.
Finally the door was opened and they were welcomed.
The kids the whacked away at the piñata until the candies feel out and there was a mad dog pile to get the candies. The whacking was organized, smallest kid to largest, and first a girst, then a boy. A teenager managed the crowd. Everyone seemed to make sure the little kids got something.
Then some other treats were passed around and everyone visited for awhile.
My favorite part of the whole event was Trini leading the children in a discussion of the meaning of the Posada.And about appropriate behavior, “con respecto”, at each house.
The children were very attentive, and enthusiastic participants in the discussion. With the exception of Caesar, who displayed his boredom in a unique manner.
Trini told me later she thought it was important for the children to hear the story over and over, and to have some understanding of what the posada was all about. The kids shouted their answers to her questions, as a group.
And then sang loudly down the hill to Claudia and Pepe’s house.

No one seemed to know the destination for tomorrow night. Except Aurora, who is Tepic for the funeral service of a member of her father’s family.

The kids are so beautiful. A number of kids approached me yesterday and today, making sure I was coming and bringing my camera.

It feels good, even though it’s about the camera, not me. Mostly, anyway. Everyone had ideas for the poses they to take for their photos.

Alexis wanted family photos of himself with his Mom, Clemen, and his brother, Caesar.

Junior wanted a photo of him doing a backstand on the floor in the middle of the church.

One of the boys from the Koko Bongo family was very interested in having his photo taken. Next time I am going to show him how to take photos of some of the other kids.

Several girls wanted photos of themselves in front the shrine for Guadalupe in the front of the church.

I was nervous about taking playful photos in the church, but the adults present said it was okay.

My memory is that more and more kids, and some adults, turn up each night, as it grows closer to Christmas. I like ending the way walking around the town with little kids.

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