Friday, December 15, 2006

1st Day, 4th Year in Chacala

Today is the start of my fourth year of actually living in Chacala. Which sounds a little longer than the end of my 3rd year in Chacala. I guess.

It’s a perfect morning. The sun is starting to creep up over the hill. Wisps of red clouds are floating across the sky.The ocean looks blue steel blue right now. Some nice-sized waves are crashing against the shore. A few yachties are anchored in the sheltered area at the north end of the main beach. One is sailing away from Chacala, right now, with it's sails up. Very unusual around here. Actually sailing in and out of Chacala Bay, I mean. I can’t see any whales or dolphins with morning, but I know they are out there.The pelicans are making pelican sounds and the roosters are crowing. A few dogs have been barking this morning. Pickups are rolling into town, full of workers heading for the construction work in the development.
The early mornings have gotten slightly chilly, with lows in the mid-sixties the last couple of nights. That’s cold around here. The babies, little kids, and the workers are bundled up in sweatshirts and fleece outfits

Nothing’s open yet. The first tienda opens about seven, and a couple of places might be starting to make breakfast for the workers. The high school kids were off on the collectivo a few minutes ago. Miguel Angel, the driver, doesn’t honk the collectivo horn for that first run of the morning. It’s already a very full load, with the teenagers crammed into every corner. Sometimes 18 kids.

Last night at night I was complaining, kind of, about the family of tejones (sort of like badgers) visitors my teraza every. One of the local guys, who lives in an open patio in a tent away of from other houses, and surrounded by vegetation, said they visit him too. But he seems to welcome them, and even leaves out water in the dry season. Kind of changed my feeling toward the tejones. I guess he reminded me we are all sharing this space. And hopefully there is room for all living things here.
Fabiloa is a little Huitchol girl,
whose parents were selling things
near the collectivo stop in La Penita yesterday.

Anyway. It’s still a beautiful morning and the sun is starting to peek up over the hill behind Chacala.

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