Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sunrise in Chacala

I took these photos from my patio the other morning. At about 6:40am. The weather is lovely, with nights cool enough to want a light blanket for the early mornings. The waves have been smallish and kind of boring, but still fun to jump around in. The sand in coming back in on the south end of the beach (which has lost some of it's sand over the summer). Now more snad is coming back everyday, covering the rocks and making a lovely place to swim in front of Majahua and Mar de Jade. For several months it has been very rocky in that area, but now it's nice and sandy
Mexican tourist from Compostella, Tepic and Guadalajara starting coming in yeseterday (Christmas Day ) afternoon, and the camping areas and rental places off the beach are fillling up. More tiendas and stores and restaurants are open after sunset. Lots of fun.

The sun hits my house at about 7:10 am these days, and the sun is completely down about 5:22pm. It's dark about fifteen minutes later. We are heading toward a full moon. The ocean looks so good in the moonlight.

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