Saturday, December 16, 2006

Trying to Learn Another Lesson, in Chacala

I had a Chacala experience yesterday, and it’s possible I will have learned something from it. Maybe. I call it a “Chacala experience” because I think I have more inclination in Chacala to take a second or third, or fourth look at what I am doing. And at how I am reacting to events in my life here.

I have decided, after this experience, that “bargaining” is a cover-up word for describing bullying. Bullying people with less life experience, or less personal power, and trying to force them to give you what you want. Usually by by taking advantage of their kindness and generosity.My experience is that local people in Chacala are very, very polite, and almost always try to tell you want they think you want to hear. Or do what they think you want them to do. It difficult for them to bargain, because they don’t realize they are working from a position of strength. They have something someone else wants, and they get to decide what the rent will be.

Now I have to question my own tactics for negotiating rental rates for myself. And to take a look at how I may or may not have “bullied’” my landladies here, so I can have this life I really can’t afford.

I HAVE moved from trying to live within my budget, to trying to increase my income. Well, actually I am doing both. Which is just what I recommend for “bargainers”. If you don’t have enough money to make the trip you want to make, earn some more money. Don’t expect poor people to take care of you. It’s a lesson for me too.


1st Mate said...

Hi, Andee
Good for you, holding your ground on this bargaining issue, even if she did make an end run around you. Some people just don't know how to behave. $10 a night is unheard-of even in Mexico (at least in beach communities during the high season) and to haggle that down is incredibly cheap of that gringa. People from the US really embarrass me sometimes.

Robert said...

Hi Andee,

I agree with you. I also get a bad feeling about someone who is supposed to be going on a vacation and is trying to negotiate a room price lower than 10$. If you can't afford 10$ a night for your room, maybe they should stay home. What kind of "vacation" are they planning with that budget?
There are plenty of people without great means in Mexico already.

Keep up the great work Andee,