Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Walking Down the Road, in Chacala

Taken from Majahua's Beach Club, under the trees on the beach below Majahua.
Last night one of my favorite Chacala visitors returned to Aurora's for a stay. I was later that I meant to be, catching up with her, at Tres Mars restaurant. I got sidetracked trying to take photos of the ocean and the sunset. I have alot to learn about taking photos.This morning I woke up just before dawn. The sun rises over the hills behind Chacala, and it's very beautiful to watch the sunlight move across the ocean, as the sun rises, and the light comes closer to Chacala. This morning a sailboat was leaving, under power, as usual. But the sails went up after about 15 minutes, and they looked lovely.

I had breakfast and washed some clothes. The town water never came on yesterday, and I used up my buckets of water doing the laundry. But I can always get water from the tinacho, via the shower faceuet.

I headed out to do some computing, but it took awhile to get to my connection. Aurora and I talked about some rentals stuff. Then, when I stopped to thank Lupita for letting me borrow her ladder yesterday, she invited me in for delicious watermelon, sandia, and practicing English/Spanish. She gave me a new magazine somone had left. Well, loaned it to me.

All the landladies are starting to try to have English magazinea and books for their units, so they are getting to be a hot item. When I get magazine here in Chacala, I give the architecture magazines to Majahua, and then try to trade in the other ones at the book store, Pages in the Sun, in P.V. And give the rest to Aurora for her rentals.

As I walked down the road a very new, fancy rig came flying by, a new SUV. The five or six hippies types who were at Dona Lupe's eating yesterday, came flying by. Here I though they were poverty stricken wanderers. But no, there were from Texas. Whatever. I make way too many assumptions about what I see around here.

Then onward. Augustine asked me to take photos of his two new rental units. He didn't know someone in his family had already asked me to, so I took some more photos for him. Then, on to Fonda Lupita, my landlady's restaurant on the beach road. More gossip and a couple of tortillas hot off the grill.
I saw Dona Lupe, the mother of Berta, and Beto, etc etc etc, and mother-in-law of Esparanza, had a new shrine for Guadalupe, which I photographed. She was very proud of it. Then I visited with Esparanza, next door on the beach and some other people from Las Varas who came up to me on the beach.And now I am connected and interneting. Took an hour to get it, and I love that it takes awhile to go anywhere here. I love it that I don't have a schedule and can just follow my nose around town. People are so interesting, and the morning is so fresh and beautiful.

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