Friday, December 29, 2006

The Week After Christmas, and All Thru Chacala...

Playa Chacala looks like this for a week around Christmas and another week around Easter. Otherwise, it's usually empty, or almost empty, except for Sunday's, when familes come down to the beach from nearby towns.

Twas a few days after Christmas, and most of Mexico is arriving at some beach somewhere for a few days of sun and fun. And eating and music, and a little shopping for trinkets.There are a bunch of big tourist buses (60 on Wednesday, today) parked along the beach road and around town. They come from Guadalajara mostly, for a day, or a couple of days of fun. They arrive full of families and all their stuff. If there are spending the night, or nights, they might have camping stuff. Otherwise they stay mostly in the small places along the beach: Posada Gloria, Sarai, Guadalupe, Seashell, and Las Brisas. And the Tres Mars units.The water is perfect, but the waves are really lazy and boring. Great for families though. I just took a 10 minute swim, and the water was wonderful.

I came home for lunch. Made quesadillas with three tortilla straight from Dona Lupe’s grill, with cheese, and tomatos. And my second, and hopefully last, Coke of the day. Then I cleaned up the photos on my computer, and wrote something for my gardening blog. And now this.Some people just came by who had spent the morning with Alvaro, walking thru the woods, up a dry streambed to see very, very old petroglyphs near Alta Vista. They are about a half an hour from here. The people said they had a great time, and Alvaro was a great tour guide.

Don’t get it. Don’t like it. Don’t understand it. But I guess my job is to figure out my reaction, not worry about what the cheapskates are up too.I do feel a little guilty bringing annoying quests to landladies in Chacala. But there’s no way to know ahead of time what people are going to be like. And almost all the people who come to Chacala are very, very nice, and respectful of their landladies.

Concha’s son, Juan Luis has just finished the first unit of this new duplex. His first rental guests arrived just as he was finishing. Almost in time.Berta showed me the construction progress on her two new rental units last night. We shared some chocolate covered cherries someone gave me for Christmas. Well, actually, I just offered her some, because I am staying away from sweets right now. Her new units are being built on top of her family’s house, and look very nice. I hope they finish up this year. She will be a great landlady. She’s so much fun, and is working on her English.

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