Friday, December 29, 2006

Finding a Place to Stay in Chacala

These photos are of a boat trip we took yesterday, south to a local small beach.
Someone just mentioned in a Comment they didn't realize that I have a smal website with photos and contact information for all the rentals in Chacala. Well, there are a couple I don't list. But all but two rentals in Chacala.It's called Chacala Budget Rentals at

The website includes photos, descriptions, location, and contact information for all the rentals.

For most of the rentals owned by local people, I will make reservations, take deposits, and help with arrangements. I don't charge the owners or rentors for this service.

I regularly arrange rentals for the Techos de Mexico units: Aurora's, Concha's, Gracias, Laura's, Dona Lupe's, and Beatriz's. And Mirador (owned by Chata/Inez and Isreal), Socorro's, Antonia's, and the rentals behind Tres Mars restaurant. And Casa Chacala.

There are also other ways to contact owners of the Techos de Mexico units, via email at their website.I can contact almost all the other rental owners for you, particularly the ones where the Contact Information says "Spanish only" (if you don't speak Spanish). But my preference is that for the other units, usually owned by gringo or out-of-town people, is that you make contact using the Contact information on the website.Yesterday Beto and Aurora took some of us over to a lovely little beach south of Chacala. It was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, and the water fine. And the food was great.

This is a photo of Concha's (Guanahani Techos de Mexico) son Juan Luis's new duplex. It's available for rent starting on the 12th of January. 450 pesos (40.50US) a night. Chacala Budget Rentals

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