Friday, December 15, 2006

La Penita and the Market/Tianguis

The street market in La Penita is much larger than the one in Las Varas. And during the winter it's filled with gringos, many from Canada. There are a whole set of booths around the plaza, set up especially for them, and full of some beautiful, and some not-so-beautiful things.
Some of the craftsman from Oaxaca are here this year, because the trouble in Oaxaca has scared many of the tourists away. Raul is selling gorgeous rugs. The nicest colors I have ever seen in these kind of textiles. In case you are in the area, the Oaxaca craftspersons will all be selling crafts on Sunday, the 17th, in San Francisco/San Pancho very nice small beach town half-way between Chacala and P.V.I have so much admiration for people who know how to make beautiful, useful, things.

These are some of the beautiful objects made by Huitchol Indios. who live the the mountains between Chacala and Guadalajara.
These drummers were making beautiful music in the center of the plaza. A young woman was collecting donations in a woolen hat. I loved the colors of these dresses, blowing in the warm breezes on a beautiful morning.

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La Gringa said...

Beautiful things. I love that fish rug.