Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jamaica, I Hope I Wrote that Word Correctly

This is my landlord. Actually, it's the husband of my landlady. I have trouble with his name, but it sounds like E-u-low-e-oh.
He collected a big armload of Jamaica plants (I guess that's their name) from the other side of the laguna, near the paved road.
And brought them back to Dona Lupe's restuarant, Fonda Lupita, to clean out the parts of the plant that's used for making Jamaica tea. It's a popular drink around Chacala. Usually served cold, with ice. But not always. Very delicious, even for a Coca-Cola addict, like me.
At least twice a week with someone in Chacala shows me something new about how they use plants that grow around the village. I continue to be surprised at how much people in Chacala still depend on food that grows semi-naturally around here. Besides fruits like bananas, papayas, mangos and various citrus fruits. They harvest a cactus, Nopali, for a vegetable, ...... I am drawing a blank. Various plant leafs for teas. Mostly medicinal teas.


christine said...

thanks for posting the photos of the jamaica i didn't know that is what the plant actually looked like

it is my absolute favourite drink and unfortunately we can't get it in canada. i'm so addicted that i even brought back some of the juice crystals, though they just ain't the same as the fresh tea

Brenda said...

It is strange to meet the people who come after they have read all about your life online. It is interesting though, I agree. We just had a fellow come down today so we hope that he likes it.