Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Tuesday in Chacala

I have had a satisfying day, so far. When into Las Varas to get pesos out of the ATM. Not waiting in line. Maybe because is was 8am. And the bank was closed for the Guadalupe Day. The pesos were from people who had made reservations with Aurora and at Mirador. Got a ride home on the collectivo, without any waiting. Delivered the rental deposits, and went home. Hoped the town water was on so I could wash clothes, but it wasn't.

Walked down to Casa Chacala and borrowed their step-ladder. Re-did the "curtains" that block the sun from my teraza during the afternoon. Worked great. I was nervous about standing on the ladder, but it worked out okay. Had my first popcorn in months. From the microwave at Angeles's tienda. Ate the popcorn at Don Lupe's restaurant. She had a bunch of mexico hippie-looking young adults eating there. And was busy and happy. She loves having guests. Espeically paying guests. Blanca, her daughter meandered down to the tienda to get some tomatos for the meal.

Last night was the celebration of Guadalupe's birthday, which is actually today. The celebration, which involves visiting Guadalupe altars that people set up around town, sharing special meals, and then walking as a group to the shrine out on the paved road, on the way to Las Varas. They finished at 3:30am. Without me. I crashed at about 11pm.
Om/Olga, sister of Jose Enrique, who is the owner of Majahua Resort, had a beautiful altar at her nearly reconstructed "Columns" buildng, near the dinghy beach. Very nice.
Here's photos of the new downstairs kitchen with view at Mirador. $45US night, two double beds and small private bath.

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