Thursday, December 28, 2006

Trip to Las Cuevas

Las Cuevas
It’s a another beautiful Chacala morning. I am finally regularly sleeping in until about 6:30am, when the sky is lightening up, and I can see the horizon to the east. The sun is actually up and shining on me a little after 7am. I love hanging over the teraza wall, watching the sun come up, and the yachts pull out. Heading south most of the time. In the Fall they will all be heading north. I watch for whales too, but I have only seen one this year, and I’m not sure it was a whale.

But I will probably see some whales this morning, because Aurora’s husband, Beto, is taking some of their guests out to a beach, probably Las Cuevas, but maybe Chacallila. Either are okay with me. Chacalilla has lots of seashells and has lovely clear water and a nice place to sit in the shade. . And I like the idea of local people marking their territory on the beach there. Reminding the rich people that the beaches in Mexico are public, and open to all.

But Las Cuevas is really beautiful. Small, like a desert island. Although, today, during Christmas week there will probably be other people there. It’s a lovely little beach, with clear water and some nice little waves. And a lemon tree and lots of shade.

Last night I hung out with gringos again for awhile. I was delivering rental messages around town just before sunset. The horizon had the look it has when there is a “green flash”, and I was hope to see one. No “green flash”, but there was a beautiful long sunset. We ate at Chico’s. Or rather, my companions had barbequed fish. I usually eat dinner in the late afternoon, so I am not hunger at gringo-dinner time. But it was fun to visit and meet some new people,

I am getting requests everyday now to “list” people’s rentals on my Chacala Budget Rentals sight. Most are new rentals, like Antonia’s, and other are new units at older places, like Concha’s new units, built by her son, Juan-Luis. And other other other places that have been undated, or painted or something. Like Guillermo’s new rental. I am getting better at getting up and out before the sun is really up, since that seems to be the best time for photographing buildings.I think the understanding of websites, and how it helps fill rentals with renters, has just become clear to almost everyone in town. It happened really quickly. Even a few months ago, when I showed someone local the rental site, they didn’t seem to understand how it would help people find their rental units.

But now, all of a sudden, people to seem to get it. Like Augustine’s wife, Ana. I don’t know if she understand about the internet at all, or has ever even looked at a computer. But she does know I have been helping local people find renters.Or people from the U.S. and Canada find Chacala rentals. So I am going over in a minute to get some inside photos, just after she has cleaned the rooms.Ths winter, everyday, people, locals and gringos, approach me with very positive remarks about my trying to help Chacala landlords. Especially my efforts to help the local families with a few rentals, to find renters. I don’t care too much about the places owned by out-of-towners, but I list almost all the rentals in Chacala, so visitors can see what’s available.

The strangest thing for me is when someone makes a negative comment to me about this Blog. When I ask when they read it, it always turns out they hadn´t actually read it. Someone ¨told them all about it¨. Direct suggestions or complaints would me nice, but that doesn´t seem to be the usual way around here. Except for Laura de Valle, who talked to me about a comment I made. Which I appreicated. Alot.

I am concerned about the impact of both these blogs, but at the moment my point of view is that Chacala is going to keep growing no matter was I write or say. But I can help local people get their piece of the pie. And try to encourage nice people to come to Chacala. People who are trying to respect the people and culture in Mexico, and who are interested in learning Spanish, and who are concerned about the environment.

I seem to be feeling nasty and cynical again. I guess it’s time to eat something.

And head out on the launcha for a nice day on the beach, in paradise.


1st Mate said...

Andee - What you are doing for the people with rentals is helping to bring balance to the economy of Chacala. Sharing the wealth, you might say. I'm proud to know you, and I will for sure give people your web address (at least those who don't live on their boats) so they know where to stay in Chacala.

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Andee,
Oh, that water looks beautiful. I hadn't put it together that you have a website to promote rentals there in Chacala. I'll have to poke around and see if I can find it. Thanks for the nice reply to my email. And yes, Mo sometimes focuses on beauty and relationships... and sometimes she hyper-focuses on something like mislaid movie passes and Hannah Montana. She's great, though. I LOVE your photos! Naked chickens and all.