Friday, December 01, 2006


Many people in Chacala are getting ready for the celebration of Guadalupe, which culminates on the night of December 11-12th . It’s a big deal in Chacala, in all of Mexico, I think. Processions for about 9 days, and some other events. Very special. I have been making more Guadalupe pictures, in decorated frames, for people around town, especially those named Lupe. They usually were born on the 12th of December and named after Guadalupe.
My landlady already knows which one she wants. She is a Guadalupe, born on the 12th, so it is especially important to her. She has a Guadalupe shrine at her restaurant year-round. She always comes by to check and see what I have been doing craft-wise. I love seeing things I have made or grew in someone else’s house or garden. It’s the nicest feeling. It’s nice that people here are so polite, so people always act like they like gifts, no matter what. I am always nervous about giving gifts, but it’s much easier here for some reason. People in Chacala give you gifts a lot. It’s sort of hard to keep up with the gift giving sometimes. But I love it. I have four nice tee shirts from Gracia and Narcissa. From when they visited Talpa and Mexicalitan. Several different trips. I already set up a little website with photos of her, the family, and her house and Techos rentals. But printed photos would be nice. Also soon as I figure out how to get the photos printed.
Gualalupe shrine at the Pacifico bus terminal in Las Varas.

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