Monday, December 04, 2006

Enjoying the Start of Tourist Season

Foe the last month or so, I have been complaining, or maybe dreading, the arrival of the gringo tourist season. I think I have a strong tendency to have negative expectations, and to remember the downsides of most things. And this tourist season thing is a good example of my general negativity I think.

So, here we are, about two weeks into the tourist season. And surprise, surprise. I have a met a string of very nice visitors, who I am really enjoying spending time with. In fact, tonight I actually sought out a group of four who are staying at Aurora’s. They are the nicest people, and I am really having a nice time getting to know them a little.
Chocomill, who lives with Ventura and Miguel Angel,
and son of Luki, my now dead favorite dog here in Chacala

One of them, who is actually my Mom’s age, if she were alive, knows the building my grandfather owned, and another building my Uncle owned, across the street, both in Beverly Hills. I am really enjoying having people to talk with, who seem to share some of my interests. And there’s other couple I am just getting to know, who arrived yesterday. And so on. I think I was starting to think that most gringos are here were not people I particularly wanted to spend time with. But that’s not true any more. I am really enjoying meeting some these people.
Bamboo, dog of Om, living with Jose Enrique and Carmen at Majahua
The couple that arrived a couple of days ago have been reading both my blogs. We have been corresponding some by email and I helped them find their rental. I feel very comfortable around them and am glad they are going to be here for awhile.

It turns out the people I ate dinner with tonight have been reading at least two of my Chacala blogs. Somehow it hadn’t occurred to me that they might of. Although I should have known, since they came to Chacala on the advice of a mutual friend who has also visited Chacala.

They had a computer print-out on their table with what looked like a photo of Chacala on the front page. I asked what it was, and they said it was a Chacala blog, and asked if was I the author. I had forgotten it just says “Anonymous” for my name.

I flipped thru the printout, and had kind of a flash of guilt. Along the lines of “oh my God People are reading what I write about coming to Chacala, and are taking it seriously". Somehow I don’t think I really realized that people were taking my version of Chacala reality seriously. Funny feeling, and kind of nice too.
The first time I heard a visitor tell another visitor that he came to Chacala as a result of reading this blog, I felt really weird. Sort of embarrassed. And sort of pleased. And sort of worried about being part of the problem (bringing more gringos to Chacala) or part of the solution to Chacala’s economic problems (bringing more tourists to Chacala).
Jose Carmelo, a mellow little guy

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Faith said...

Hello, I thought I'd pass on that I enjoy reading your blog and learning about life in Chacala through your eyes. Came across this in doing research for a future trip to Chacala. Your photos are wonderful! ps Hope your head is feeling better!