Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back to the Tianguis, near Chacala

Every Friday morning there’s a street market, tianguis in Las Varas, the next town from Chacala, on the highway. I usually buy buckets (for plant pots) there, and roasted peanuts in the shell. This guy and his buddy are here every week with this pottery collection. And usually some grapefruit and grapes and whatever else looks good.
And sometimes a plant or two. But the plants at that market come from Tepic, in the mountains, a couple of hours from here. Different climate and they usually don’t have the plants I am looking for.
And I looked for a shirt. I like cotton shirts with buttons and a collar, and a sort of Hawaiian look. Tee shirts are too hot here, at least least in my opinion. The knit soaks up and holds your sweat, and it doesn’t feel very cool. I only see an affordable shirt, for under 50 pesos, occasionally. Last week I got this shirt for 4$US.

When I arrived at the tianguis people were setting up. Lots of little kids work with their parents at the various stalls. These little kids worked steadily for about a hour, dragging the plastic boxes over to where their mom was laying out the merchandise. I love how the kids here take care of each other and the little ones. They are so sweet and loving. You rarely hear kids crying here, and it’s usually from falling or something like that.

Guadalupe day is on the night of the 11th and the day of the 12th. Many ladies in town set up special altars in their yards and offer posole or some other traditional dish to people who come to their altars on Thursday night. The tianguis booths have more religious stuff that usual right now. I am actually in this photo. There were three or four stalls with Christmas stuff this week.You can buy all kinds of stuff here. I like the blender and gas stove parts the best.
There are counterfeit CD’s everywhere around here. About 20 pesos each. New movies and new and old CD’s. the Hacienda, the tax people, make raids of the booths occasionally. Usually in Guadalupe. They swoop down and confiscate all the CD’s. And then, apparently sell the confiscated stuff to their buddies for really cheap. And the stuff is back on the market in a day or two. Whatever.

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