Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tamales and The Days Before Christmas, in Chacala

Yesterday afternoon I was hanging around my landlady's restaurant, the Fonda de Lupita. She and her novio/esposo and her helper were making a batch of tamales with chicken/polo.
I don't have a clue about the recipe, but I will check. This is the papas/potatos. Boiled.
This is the chicken in sauce.
Here is Dona Lupe's hands tying the tamales. But gringo's, especially from the motor home parking area across the road, come over for take-out quite alot.
People seem to be very fond of Dona Lupe's tamales and her pozole. I am not a big fan of alot of Mexican recipes, so I probably am not a good judge of her cooking. Gringos from the motor homes across the road on the beach come over for take-out all the time. And for her handmade torillas too. Very very delicious. The tortilla's.


Susan Carlin said...

Hello again! I'm the exuberant artist who begged use of your photos for paintings a while back. Haven't done a thing with them... yet... but just peeked in again on your life and thought I'd wish you a Merry Christmas or Wonderful Solstice or however you celebrate your spirit this time of year. All my best thoughts on controlling your diabetes, too. Susan Carlin in Texas

Anonymous said...

Hi Andee,

Those tamales look fantastic! Nothing better than eating some home made food, drinking an ice cold Coke under a thatched roof looking at the ocean.

I miss Mexico,

Robert in Minnesota