Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Visiting Around Chacala

I stayed around my place all morning today, to make sure I was home when the Coke truck came by with my monthly supply of Coke in glass bottles. I gardened for awhile, planting, or rather, transplanting some Bird of Paradise plants and some ground covers. And I watered when the town water came on. I think Aurora and I are goingn to the nurseries in LaPenita later this week. I hope so. I want to get dirt, and some taller plants to shade my succulents when it gets hotter.

I did some laundry and cleaning up. I was trying to find my spare housekey, which I hid someone on the patio when I went to the border. I can't find it anyway, and can't remember where I put it.Oh well.Then Susan visited. She and her spouse, Bill, are leaving tomorrow after a two week stay. They travel like I would like to travel, with only loose plans, and lots of bus rides. She told me they usually rent a room for one night when they arrive in town. And then leave their stuff in the room in the morning while they walk around the new town and find a nicer (sometimes) place to stay. A good strategy I think. Very nice people. They offered me a great sunshade hat, but my heads too big. I guess that's a message.

I headed over to Isreal and Chata's, visiting with Salvatore and Gaby on the way. They taught me to say vez instead of tiempo when I am talking about some other time. Then to a family who are at Gracia's right now. They have been down here for maybe a couple of months. they have taken some trips, exploring around the state of Nayarit and making two longer stays in Chacala. A nice family with two kids.
Then on to Chata's to deliver some photos of her garden on the staircase down to the beach from the rental units, which are called Mirador. Very, very especially place. I think they liked the photos.

Took some more photos of Villa Celeste for Jon, and then walked along the Malecon to Alvaro's place on the north end of the big beach. Alvaro is a very interesting guy. He speaks English, and knows a lot about the Huitchol Indians and also about the older, indigenous religions in this area. He takes visitors to the petroglyph site near Alta Vista (about 40 minutes away). It's very affordable and he is the most knowledgeable guide for visiting the petroglyphs in the area. A friend of Alvaro's, Francisco, is living next door, on the beach. He is a teacher and a massage therapist. He has a massage tent/table set-up right on the beach. It's a wonderful place for a massage, and many people are having massage with him. He also speaks English. After taking some photos of Francisco,I walked over to Juan's tienda and got an orange. Then I walked down to Chico's restaurant to visit with Chicha. And then walked on down the beach to Esparanaza's. We sat under the palapa and looked at my photos of her family on this computer. Now that I know how to have photos printed, we can pick out her favorites to have printed.

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