Monday, March 12, 2007

Other Changes in Chacala

I thought of another big change in Chacala. The new water system. Where we have now have clear-looking water every day, for 4 hours or more. Since last Fall. At this house I turn the faceut on down at the road either when I see Julio , the water guy, ride back home on this bike, or when I notice the facuet down at the road is dripping. It’s usually at about 9 or 10am.

When I turn the water on the tinacho on the roof starts filling. And I can turn on the hose faceut for watering the garden and filling the trash barrel with water. For a back-up supply of water. Then I pull the hose up to my terrace/kitchen, via a string, and fill all my water containers. For washing clothes and dishes. Then I hose down the floor, and throw the hose back down in the yard. Then I run back downstairs to the road and turn the water off. Works great.

Another different is I am pretty sure the “gypsies” haven’t been back seen the town ran them off, finally, last winter. More than a year ago, I think. They left after cleaning out one of the local restaurants and swiping stuff from the motor home parking area. I doubt if anyone will miss them. They used to play movies until late a night, outside, at with the sound a full-blasst. And in mexico full blast is really really loud. Plus they would drive around Chacala all day, advertising the movies, with another sound system that you could hear all day long, from everywhere in town.

And more local people are building rentals. Antonia’s, at the schoolyard corner in a very nice duplex, up and down. Bedroom, bath. And Angeles and Frankie have almost finished their two small units right next to the church and their second market/tienda. And Guillermo and Lupita (of Casa Chacala) are renting the units next to Aurora’s. They used to be blue/orange, but now they are a nice clean looking white and light blue. Six units, bath and bedroom. One with. view patio. I think all these units will be 300/350 pesos a night. About $27-32US. There are photos are Chacala Budget Rental. And Posada Guadalajara, on the beach road, now has nine units. $400 pesos a night, bedroom and bath. Very noisy and kind of dark rooms. But new and across the street from the beach/beach restaurants.

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