Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feds Clear a Palapa Hut from the Playa

A very short-lived era may have come to an end in Chacala this last week. According to neighbors, the Federal agency that manages the land between Chico’s and Om’s tree, had a well-known palapa “house” torn down a few days ago.I think most people thought of it as Buddy’s place , or XXXX’s house. I can’t remember XXX’s name. A big guy from Oregon. But actually it was just Federal land, and maybe the owner of Delphins was paying for a Federal concession there. But I don’t know the truth of that.

There are lots of different versions of who had control over that space. But the house, a palapa covered rectangle, is gone. Buddy had done a nice job of planting cacti and bougainvillea around the place, and kept the lawn mowed. But he left Chacala a year or so a go, and there’s no shade or shelter there. Semana Santa crowds will be moving in, with families camping everywhere, and temporary restaurants and a variety of stores, all along the road thru the palm grove.

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