Monday, March 26, 2007

Pigs and Turkeys Around Chacala

I caught I ride home to Chacala today with a local friend, who lives in Las Varas. He seems to have lots of different business dealing going on, and one of them is raising hogs. It’s a family venture on his Dad’s place and a brother is involved too.I am starting to have the impression that many folks around this area have a family rancho in the area, and then actually live in town. “Rancho” is probably an exaggeration.Some of the places might be two hectares. It’s hard to tell.This a heavily agricultural area: fruit trees, bananas, pineapple, cattle, hogs, vegetables corn, grain, tobacco. All kinds of things.My friend asked if I wanted to check out his new pig set-up. The previous one was in an orchard area of his family’s place.Once, about a year ago, his family and I went out to drop some restaurant garbage off at the pig place. And to spray off the pigs with water. When it’s really hot I guess they have to do that every afternoon, to cool the pigs off.

Anyway, we drove out to the place, about a mile off the Las Varas-Chacala road, and stopped at the side of a field. The pigs and ducks were kind of co-existing, with a turkey, who watching over the whole group.I think there were maybe a hundred hogs of various sizes all together. Some in ugly cement roofed pens, and others in open field areas. Separated by size.

I had never seen the back-side of an almost full-sized hog before and I was kind of impressed with this guy.These little guys were about five days old.He told me that they grow wheat and corn on the place for feed for the hogs. I saw a plot that was maybe 3/4s of an acre right close to the pens. I would be curious to see how they harvest such small fields.

This turkey kind of ignored me at first.But when he realized I was taking photos he starting showing his stuff. Pretty big guy.I forgot to ask why they had a turkey there, but I suspect he is a guard turkey.A worker sleeps in a little shed on the place, as security. It probably helps to have a turkey around, as well as a couple of dogs.

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Hola, A.,
So glad you see your blog is back up! I tried to email you but your old address didn't work. I was afraid something bad had happened to you. Your blog continues to be interesting, informative, and delightful! Keep up the good work! I'm moving to Mexico in the summer, maybe I'll see you at the beach one day! Take care!
-micki w.