Saturday, March 03, 2007

More Construction in Chacala

I walked around Chacala yesterday morning, looking at the new construction. Not my most favorite pastime. It's discouraging for me to see all these projects. Particularly projects being built by gringos for other gringos.I am still having a hard time with the idea of gringos trying to make big bucks in Chacala. Oh well. Whatever.These are shots of Berta's (house manager at Casa Pacifica) new rental units. They are being bult on the top of her home. These units will probably have some of the very best views in Chacala, and they are right above the beach. Berta's unit are going to be ready for Semana Santa. Each unit has a kitchen, I think.This red building appears to be two rentals, one to a floor, with a giant palapa on the roof. Overlooking the ocean and the Malecon.Looks very nice.
According to the crew foreman, this is a house being built for a gringo. He didn't know who. It's between Socorro's and the paved road, kind of.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my - there is a lot of building going on. I hope Chacala can accommodate all that growth and still maintain its friendly, authentically Mexican flavor. Thanks for all your work in helping travelers make the right connections in Chacala.
~Ramona in Alaska