Saturday, March 03, 2007

Agave from the Guadalajara-Las Varas Bus to Chacala

The bus ride home from Tonala/Guadalajara about 5 hours. The ride from Las Varas to Guadalajara takes 3.5 hours. Don't ask me why. It's the same road.There are lots of agave farms to the northwest of Guadalajara. The fields looks like shimmering lakes from the distance. I never realized how beautiful agaves are, or how many different varieties there are to chose from. I guess I am assuming people know that Tequilla is made from Agave plants. It's a big deal around here. There is town named Tequilla, but I don't know which came first, the name or the beverage. This photo is, I think, of Magdalena, a small town off the highway.Anyway, I tried taking pictures thru the bus windows, travelling at about 70MPH. Some of them actually turned out, sort of. Thank's to my little Canon camera. Nothing to do with skill on my part.


Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I love your blog, have actually been reading it for a while. I live in Boston and have been vicariously living in your warm weather hamlet via your blog.

Tequila the town came before Tequila the drink. See this wiki entry for more info.


Kim G (Mr.)

Sabrina said...

Yes there are different kinds of agave, and it depends the kind of agave the tequila you willobtain. Even there is a beverage named Mezcal ( the one with the worm in the bottle) that is in fact not tequila.. but Mezcal. Is different, the flavor and the process and its make of a different agave. Is an easier process than tequila .. so the mezcal is normally cheaper. But now there are also "elegant" y business..