Friday, March 30, 2007

Shade for My Western Window

A few days ago it started getting alot hotter in the mid-afternoon here in Chacala. And I know it's going to get lot hotter as we move toward summer. The window over my bed faces west, and the sun really comes in starting about 3pm.

I asked Dona Lupe if it was okay for me to add some kind of sunshade for the window, and she okayed it. So I bought a couple of special clamps that attach to the steel techos beams.
And used them to attach a pole to the techos outside the window. There's a ledge to walk on out there. I had to borrow a ladder to attached the clamps. And install the pole.And to install the blue tarp. It matches the shade screen for the teraza, but it still looks kind of temporary. Oh well, it works.I added a cord along the bottom of the tarp so I can pull it out of the way when it's sunny. And so it doesn't block the breeze thru the windows. I can reach the cord from inside the teraza, so i don't have to clamber over the wall to tie the shade out of the way.

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