Monday, March 26, 2007

Churches in San Juan de Los Lagos

I’m glad I visited San Juan de Los Lagos, north of Guadalajara, but I probably wouldn’t return there. The churches were lovely, and the people were very friendly. Except for the odd bus driver leaping from his bus to attack a horn-blower.Anyway, the churches were very nice. There were about six of them within easy walking distance, and I could see some other churches across the empty river bed. There was a pedestrian bridge (no car bridge that could see) but I didn’t feel like making the walk. There were cars across the riverbed, I just couldn’t see the access road.My latest pair of flip-flops are a little big, and I have been tripping a lot.
They weren’t very comfortable for walking around town. Anyway. These photos are of some of the churches. I only took interior shots of the Cathedral. It was very beautiful inside.I was at the Cathedral several times, during Masses, and after. And there were always a number of people in the pews. In my memory, I think most Mexican churches I have visited didn’t have many parishioners in them.Maybe it’s something to do with San Juan de Los Lagos being the site of a famous series of miracles. The main plaza is filled with vendors selling miracle-related objects. And there were maybe a hundred stores selling religious objects. Like tee-shirts with San Juan on them.I haven’t had a chance to learn about what the idea is behind building these magnificent churches. But I sure like to look at them. They make most Protestant churches look pretty pathetic.

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Sabrina said...

Hope you tried the cheese from San Juan, and the "Jamoncillos" those are 2 things i always buy when I cross san juna in my way to other cities.