Saturday, March 17, 2007

Early Morning Walk Around Chacala

I woke up with the sunrise again, 6:50am, and went for a walk around the north and west parts of Chacala. I headed up the paved road and saw a new paint job was in progress. This house is half-way between the paved road and the road up to the school. The house now has a lovely yellow paint job on its dome. I think it looks neat. I had noticed the dome before, but it’s really striking now, with the yellow paint.This next little house belongs to a local person. It's also on the paved road and has a bunch of recent improvements. A staircase to the front door, for one thing. And the start of a paint job. And a tinacho on the roof, for the town water. I didn’t see any signs of an electrical connection, but I am pretty sure it has electricity. And there is now a septic. The workers will probably be back on Monday, and I hope they will let me peak inside.This is the new building people keep telling me is a medical or dental clinic is looking nice. It looks like it was actually designed by someone, as opposed to throw up with no thought to natural lights or cross ventilation. We’ll see in a bit I guess.This family finished their house last spring. Now they are landscaping their front yard. It's looking nice, in my opinion.There is a lot of earth/boulder moving going on up on the hillside above the paved road. With heavy earthmoving equipment. I have been told the lots are being sold to people from the countries north of Mexico. I will be curious to see how it looks after they start building up there. I am mentally picturing those houses on the hillsides right above Sayulita.I am wondering about where the rain water on that hillside will go, once the vegetation is completely removed. Always an adventure around here. There is an sort of arroyo right across the road from this house, where I live. It runs along the west side of the paved road for quite a ways. It’s gradually being filled in along the edges by big trucks dumping fill.

Last rainy season the water roared down that gully but didn’t seem to wash anything out. The gully seems to end in the area behind Mars Tres, but it’s hard to tell. Of course, I wouldn’t care much if the runoff from any off these projects washed out the paved road. But I guess that’s not likely.

There have been three traffic “jams” this morning, as giant trucks filled with earth and or rocks chug up the paved road past this house. They have to slow to a stop to get over the hotel’s tope (speed bump) and the cars behind pile up behind the trucks. Or try to pass the trucks. At one point this morning I could see seventeen vehicles at a standstill on the road below my house. Lovely.

I walked around on the paved road to where it meets the gated development’s big wooden gate and reddish colored wall. Then I started walking back toward the muelle and the ocean.

The neighbors tell me this building will be a rental. The construction seems to have slowed. I haven’t met the owner, but I think he lives in Las Varas. I will be curious to see how it turns out. It’s next door to Paul’s Satow duplex, one of the more attraction rentals in town, with pool.Another home is being built up behind one of the creamy yellow buildings along this road. A few weeks ago the foreman told me it was a gringo house. His word.
Trini and Cundo, owners of a number of tourist enterprises, have a nice new sign in front of their place. It's self-explanatory, I think. Their e-mail is and their website is Chacala Escape, www.chacalaescape.comOne of my favorite people in Chacala gave me a tour of her remodeled home this morning. She has a nice kitchen now, a real kitchen, and living room furniture. Including two nice sideboard/cupboard pieces made of white porcelain metal with marble work areas. Very nice, and practical too. Wood furniture does not seem to do well here, although it’s very popular around here these days. The insects and the high humidity are a big problem with wooden pieces. Especially the pieces made with fiber-board or plywood. She has wo large bedrooms, and a room for a rental. Mainly for Semana Santa, I think. And her garden in expanding and looks really nice. I am not clear if this project is a home or some rental units or some combination of the two. Very different looking. It’s right across from the volley-basket ball court on the primary schoolyard.This is Antonia's new rental, right across from the volleyball court. The plants are growing back in, after the construction, and she has some nice flower pots on the covered patio.The owners of two of the tiendas in town are building two rental units up on the block where the church is, next to their store. The units look very nice, with nicely tiled floors and nicely sized bathrooms. I haven’t seen the furniture yet, but I bet it will be nice. I image there will be some kind of sitting area in front of the doors, outside. But I don’t know exactly what they are planning. They are expecting to be able to rental these units for Semana Santa, which is only two weeks away now.
This red building is almost completed. It’s on the hillside above the ocean and the malecon (walkway). It’s just south of the cute little red house everyone always comments on. It looks really nice. I think it’s a rental duplex, with lots of space. And a giant palapa on the roof. Very impressive. Right now they are building a very attractive entryway up from the Malecon. I think they are building stairs up the hill. Very nice.Posada Sarahi is being repainted this week. It was blue with yellow and orange trim, and now I think it’s going to be white with orange trim. It looks good so far. Yesterday I took some photos of the Sarahi’s inner patios. Very nice looking place. This eight unit hotel is located a hop-and-a-skip to the beach. Handy location, right near the tiendas and restaurants.That's it for my morning walk. I spent some time gardening this morning. And then looking over the Washington Times photos with a neighbor. And we chose some of the photos to print at the Kodak store in Las Varas.

Now I am waiting around for the Coke truck to deliver my Cokes. It’s 12:30pm here and I expect them to show up in the next hour or so. I guess I will wash clothes while I wait. Then I am going swimming and then to hook-up to an internet connection. So I can transfer this to blogger and catch up with email.

I am re-doing my Chacala Nayarit blog. Getting up-to-date with photos. And adding some businesses to my section on locally owned businesses here in Chacala.

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