Saturday, March 24, 2007

Away From Chacala, in Tonala

(Note: I have mixed up photos from Tonala and San Juan. I don't feel like sorting them out right now)
A few days ago I took the bus to Guadalajara. It was a Wednesday, and I needed to get to the bank before I took off on my two or three night trip here and there around Guadalajara. Everything worked out fine. I got the 6:30am collectivo run for secondary and preparatory kids, and got into Las Varas in time to hit the ATM and the market, and still catch the 7:30am bus to Guadalajara. I expected to get going later in the morning, but I was wide awake at 5:30am. So I just got up and got ready to go. I have a smallish roll-on/backpack combo suitcase for these trips. I pack three woven plastic bags for coming home. In case I find anything to purchase. And, of course, I always do.Got to Guadalajara in time to take the TUR bus into Centro to buy some magazines and my diabetes meds They are about 15% cheaper in Guadalajara than in P.V. Same pharmacy chain. Whatever. And then back to the bus terminal. I had stashed my bag at the baggage check office. And then caught another TUR bus . TUR is a chain of buses that cost more, 98 cents US but have aircon and nice comfy seats. They come right by the bus shelters outside each Module at the bus terminal. The other buses are 45 cents, and not as nice.Anyway, got to Tonala, and walked the five block to the Hotel Meson, where I stayed my first time in Tonala. It’s only a block off the Plaza. And $16US a night. Checked in about 5pm, and then sat in the Plaza eating snacks from the market. And then to the internet place on the way back to the hotel.Interneted for a couple of hours, mostly answering people’s emails asking about this blog being closed for a few days. I had been seriously harassed about what I write here, and I was afraid to post for a few days. But I got over it, and am at it again. I have a website than monitors who looks at all four of my blogsites, and as far as I can tell, very few people who are in Chacala actually read this. But some people have strong opinions about it, apparently without having read it. Whatever.Got up with the sun and watched the vendors set up for market day, on the plaza. Had delicious pan dulce (sweet bread) with butter and milk and an tangelo for breakfast. People came and sat on my plaza bench with me and visited. It was a nice start to the day. Wandered around the streets and booths, looking for a few things I had regretted not buying last trip. Some little glass picture frames and a few other things. Including 9 succulent plants. 30 and 40 cents each.

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