Saturday, March 24, 2007

Buildings in San Juan de Los Lagos

I really liked some of the individual buildings, including churches, in San Juan de Los Lagos. The setting was generally kind of deary and depressing, but the people were generally very friendly and nice. I was approached for conversation a number of times, as I sat on benches on the plaza, snacking, resting, and sometimes reading a magazine. I only saw of couple of non-Mexican looking people in San Juan. Two gringo-looking little kids.

I am only going to comment about this one building. I thought it was a convent, because I saw a nun thru an upstairs window. She was in full white habit and I think she was sweeping the floors.

I loved the building, and was really disappointed when I went back by later, when the door was open. There was a lovely patio inside, but it was actually some kind of diocesan office, full of priests.Oh well. My lovely daydream about life with the sisters in that beautiful building were gone in a flash. Another brief dream (life as a nun) smashed.
There were churches all over town. I only took photos of some of them, which Iwill post tomorrow. And there were people selling religious junk, kind of spiritual souvenirs, I guess, all over the place. The stores sold either bedding or religious stuff or jewelry. With some exceptions.

There were some lovely buildings on the plaza. The upper floors were lovely anyany way. The street level was all tourist shops. Reminded me of Chacala during Semana Santa. Not really. I don't see much religious stuff or bedding for sale in Chacala. In fact none, I think.

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