Monday, March 19, 2007

Getting Ready for Semana Santa

Chacala has lots of visitors today. This is Monday, and it’s the last day of a three-day weekend celebrating the birth of Benito Juarez. There are lots of campers on the beach, and people staying in the rentals.

Most people in Chacala seem to hustling around getting ready for Semana Santa. It's less than two weeks now. I guess this busy weekend is good practice for what's to come. And a large group of Habitat for Humanity volunteers are staying at Casa de Concha’s, Casa de Aurora’s, and Casa Iguana. They are one of a series of three groups of volunteers in town to work on a house in Las Varas. One group each week, getting out of town right before Semana Santa.

First thing this morning I went around taking some more photos for my Chacala Nayarit website. I am updating photos of businesses and of newer rentals.

This is a new rental, up near the tienda next to the Church. It's not quite finished yet.
Posada Sarahi is getting a new outside paint job.From the view of the beach you can see three nice rentals. From the left, is the unpainted back of Villa Celeste (the rest of the building is painted a nice deep yellow. Then the new duplex rentals (red), and the three white rentals (a couple of which are being managed by Leo at Koko Bongo’s.The two new rentals at the El Pelicano restaurant (their beach umbrella are above) are almost completed, and surely will be in time for Semana Santa. I think it has a great location if you want to be right on the beach. Nice rooms and baths. The upstairs room would be my choice. 400 pesos a night for four. ($36)US, with two double beds. A nice couple, Bob and Judy, approached me when I was taking these boat shots. We visited for awhile and I really enjoyed talking with them. This was their second trip to Mexico, and they are travelling by bus.We watched this woman being hoisted up the mast of this different looking boat. And then watched one of the panga drivers zip across the water, toward the muelle (little dock/harbor).
Here is a shot of a tourist bus pulling into Chacala this morning, turning to the south at the corner of Juan’s Tienda and the water pump station. This is one of many buses arriving in Chacala, full of tourists from Guadalajara or Tepic, or somewhere.

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