Monday, March 05, 2007

Computer Blues in Chacala

It’s Monday morning here in Chacala. There’s a chance I might have access to a wireless connection here, at my place, by sometime later this morning. I am bouncing around hoping it will work out. (Update, late in the afternoon. I got the password I needed but can't seem to complete the process of typing in the password. I feel really dumb.) Jason had to head for P.V. before I got the password, but the other Mac person here, Bob, showed me how to do it, again. But it didn't seem to work when I was on my own. Oh well.Jason, with Nicole in the background, at Aurora's
Jason, a visitor here in Chacala, and a fellow Mac user, has helped me out a lot with a bunch of stuff. Like lots of technical stuff with using my camera. He has given me hope I can understand all its special features.And, best of all, he had figured out why I haven’t done well at getting hooked up on wireless anywhere but my regular place. One problem was to do with a password, and I think that will be fixed soon. Like in an hour or so.

And Jason showed me how to do a bunch of thing on my computer, including stuff about storing photos and managing downloaded stuff. Of course, it remains to be seen how much I will remember.View from the ocean of Mirador, Isreal and Chata's rental
I am getting a little more comfortable with meeting people who “know” me from reading this. It’s still hard when I see by the expressions on their faces that I am definitely not what they expected. But we can generally get by that. Another person, Jon, and his wife Galen, came over a couple of days ago. Jon had offered to help me with my wireless problems. Very nice people. I hope they come back. We missed each other all week, but we finally got together.

I think another thing that’s hard for me about meeting people who come to Chacala who have been reading this, is that they, of course, have lots of ideas of what things will be like for them here. And of course it’s different for them. One difference is that my first real visit was four years ago and my life here started almost three and a half years ago.One of the local bands, playing for customers at Chico's, in Chacala
Things are a lot different for me now. My first stay was four years ago, and I have been living here full-time for more than three years. I know lots of people in Chacala, and I have lots of things I like to do here. My days are full, doing things I like doing, around people I like being near. It’s different when you have just gotten here, and are trying to figure things out. Anyway. I hope people that come here like Chacala as much as I do.

Lately I have heard visitors telling each other they came to Chacala because they had been reading this. That kind of scares me. But I think people that read this are usually people I like seeing in Chacala. People who are curious about Mexico and starting another life. As opposed to people intent on setting up their gringo lifestyle in Mexico. Whether it’s in a motor home parked on a or in a condo in a gated community. I love it when I know local landladies are busier than ever, partly because of this blog, and my rental blog.

Chacala sunset, only slightly digitally "enhanced"
Chacala is looking really lovely right now. Lots of blossoming plants and it’s much greener than usual this time of year. There have been a series of bigger-than-usual wave coming thru Chacala the last week or so. I have been taking photos of the local surfer boys, and trying to get good shots of the waves. Jason showed me how to do continuous shooting, so I may get better are shooting waves.

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