Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quiet Chacala Day

I am having a staying-around-the-house day, at least so far. It’s a beautiful Chacala day. I can hear the waves, the ocean is a lovely blue, and there’s a nice breeze blowing.

The reporter. Tom Carter, who wrote the Washington Times story about Chacala sent these personal photos of Chacala on to me. They were in the printed article, bu not the internet version.

The first photo, below, is Aurora, at the front door of her house. And the second photo is of Concha, and her son Juan Luis, in front of Concha's upstairs rental unit. the third photo is of Laura and Angelica De Valle. I have been reading a neat book someone gave me, called something like "Western Mexico, Small Out-of-the Way-Places". That's not really called that, but it's very interesting.
It’s my bathroom book at the moment.

Yesterday I found a town called San......, in the book, and it really caught my interest. I looked at my Mexico map and and have started daydreaming about a two night trip. Maybe one of the nights on the bus, to save rent. I would go back to Tonala, near Guadalajara, either coming or going. To look for succulents at nurseries, and to maybe to look at the vendors in San..... The book says they sell a lot of small religious objects there, and I am really curious about that (I put .... instead of the name because I can't remember the name and I am not near the book).

So I have been working in the little garden and cleaning and puttering around, and thinking about the cheapest way to make this trip. I think I have it figured out, but there are some un-knowns. Like when the buses come and go from that area. What time, etc. And what kind of places there are to stay there. I would imagine the would be some affordable, basic places. And it’s not far from Tonala, so itcould be a one day trip. I will have to do more research.

I think I might have a ride to Guadalajara, which would be nice. We'll see.Semana Santa will be here in two weeks, and I like the idea of a little trip before the chaos hits here. I am thinking Dona Lupe might decide to rent her back area to campers, so I want to be here, to keep an eye on my place and garden. It should be fun, and very noisy, whatever happens.

I had lots of little visits walking over here to compute. and lots of little kids showing off their bike tricks. It takes an hour to make a fifteen minute walk, and I love it.

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Anonymous said...

Hola Andee,
Nice photos. The one with the wave turned out pretty nice. Please email me with the book title if you get a chance...

Mike D.