Saturday, September 02, 2006

Walking to Majahua and Seeing the Sights

The beach right in front of where I camped last winter. The sand washed away a couple of weeks ago, but it will be back in a few more days. One of the miracles of nature, I guess.
My son and I walked through town this morning, on the way to Majahua. We stopped at Aurora's for a minute. Zoe, an experienced visitor to Mexico, and new to Chacala, came along with us to Majahua. She and her precious little boy, Silas, are staying at Aurora's, and are very enjoyable to spend time with. We stopped at Juanita's store to return deposito beer bottles, and visited with people was we walked down the beach road.

Dona Lupe has remoded her restaurant, Fonda Lupita,
and it looks much nicer. All fresh and a soft green color.

Walking home from Majahua later I daddled along, and I took some photos of Esparanza's, where I camped last winter. I know they aren't great, but I'm having fun with the camera.
Esparanza's home, with one part of her three part garden to the left of the door. The tinacho (a 300 gallon plastic water tank) is to the right. It provides water for showers and for the little open tank where you bucket out water to flush the toilets. The camping ramadas start immediately to the right, and the beach is about 40 feet from the house.
The beach right in front of Esparanza's camping area. From my old palapa site. The stormy weather a few weeks ago removed the sand in this area. The sand returns in two or three weeks, and the rocks will disappear.
Palapas at Don Beto and Dona Lupe's camping area,
right next to Esparanza's area.

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